Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"U" is for.....

Jenny Matlock

United States??- Terry Krueger 4/11/12

  The following is something that’s been running through the old noggin for awhile now.
Instead of the pithy somewhat witty little poem from a somewhat talented writer, this write is about something near and dear to my heart, the United States of America. Now I know some people will not agree with me and some may praise me as a new profit, but seriously these are just my humble opinions on the state and future of this country. Before anyone thinks that I’m all political and want to open up a discussion involving such, I’m not. I am a patriot who has served this nation’s military, worked hard and has seen a steady decline in the “American dream” I grew up with.

  That being said, here is the list of things I believe need to change to get back to the United States.

1)      People need to get over the bi-partism and realize we all are in this together. Whether you voted for the current administration or not, they were elected by a majority vote. The whole attitude of “He’s not my president” needs to go, he won he is. You may not have voted for him but he won now be a patriot and support our elected leader(s).
2)      Get over the “he did this” or “they did that” There is 545 people who have a hand in our government policy, not counting their staffs, counselors, and various lobbiest groups. So no one does anything without anyone else. It’s a fact simple as that, get over it.
3)      We need to restructure the way some of those policies are handled to insure less cost or no cost at all. The foreign policy alone is screwed, we are not the world police, we have our own issues that need to be fixed before we help out the rest of the world. For example our welfare system as it stands allows people to receive benefits from more then one state, why can’t we have a national system? Think of how much that would save alone. Why do we give aid to countries who do nothing for us? We need to collect on debt that’s owed this country and take care of any monetary debt owed other nations. We need to find new forms of fuel so as not be dependant on other nations. Between Alaska and Texas we produce plenty of oil, add in North Dakota and we have even more. Alas the reality is oil is a fossil fuel which will eventually run out, so we need to find alternatives, period.
4)      We need to bring back “American” companies to America. Our auto industry alone is mostly produced overseas, while we make Toyotas for Japan? Sounds wrong to me and easily fixed. Give them the tax breaks they need to come home, let our economy grow strong again, buy American made. We were once a super power and the promised land, we need to get back to being so.
5)      We need to stop saying the illegals take all the jobs from hard working Americans, if we were hard working we would be willing to do those jobs. We’re not they are. They take jobs for little money, we don’t. Also we need to stop hiring them- simple as that.
Now those are just the top 5 of many changes we as a nation need to make in my opinion. Again I’m no politician-thank god, and just knowledgable to be dangerous, so take it or leave it. I am a proud American who hates to see his country going downhill. I know one person cant change the country, but I seriously hope someone does.


  1. I can see you've thought about this a LOT!

  2. Hi Terri, I agree with so many of your feelings here!

    I wanted to let you know that you link is broken. I'm going to repair it on linky and hopefully that will allow others to read your sentiments!

    Thanks for sharing your feelings here.


  3. thanks Jenny. I was wondering if something was up with it.

  4. I agree with your post. I did find it ironic in the beginning you misspelled prophet as profit