Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"K" is for knowledge

Jenny Matlock

Karma can be a bitch, and is also the name of my female dog                      
Nobody ever won a medal for running through a london fog                         
Owning something is way different than having something to call your own
   Winning is not everything,but trying your best is something they cannot clone
Leaving things to chance is like betting on a happy circumstance                 
Everyone has someone out there sounds like a cheesy movie romance         
Don't know why or how this has to do with gaining any sort of knowledge  
Getting by with what i learned in kindergarten, not all the things in college 
     Escaping from reality by clever phrase and witty wording hoping it don't erase

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"J" is for my Junk.

Jenny Matlock

Thank God this week's letter is "J"
It's the perfect letter to let me play
and maybe just maybe pull me from my funk
because I get to write about a favorite subject, my junk.

My junk is quite honestly of a decent size
in fact once you see it, you won't believe your eyes
nobody would ever dare to call my junk small
it literally extends from the bedroom right into the hall.

It really is quite amazing just how much my junk has touched
as a boy I never thought just how many lives it would affect so much
from men, to women, to children, even pets
once it's touched you, my junk is not so easy to forget.

Like anybody else my junk has got bigger as I grew
really quite amazing how much junk I did acrue
at first I could barely fill a room with my junk
now it's all over the house, the garage, and even in my trunk.

Because much like everyone else I can't throw my junk away
you just never know if you'll need that piece of junk someday.

WHAT?!? What did you think this was about??

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"I" is for Icarus

Jenny Matlock

Icarus was a Greek filled with self assurance and very vain
who thought himself a god and could never imagine himself in pain
He fashioned himself wings to take flight and soar
like the gods of olden days had done so in the days of yore 

But Icarus was not a god, but simply a  very vain man
who the gods looked down upon and fashioned their own plan
for as Icarus flew to close to the sun
his wings burned off and singed his bum 

As he fell to earth he realised his own folly
that to be a god is a birthright not a calling
that his downfall was his own vanity
too late he saw to save his own sanity

He died as he lived thinking only of self
looking like a child's toy thrown off a shelf
finally learning the lesson so many have learned
if you fly to close to the sun you are bound to be burned

Monday, June 13, 2011

voices(inside and out?)

I'm a sadistic masochistic eccentric
chauvinistic son of a bitch
Who can't find his insane brains mainframe
or a functioning facade of an on/off switch

I'm a demonic soulless sociopath creation
hellbent on a chaotic and random demonstration
of my own fucking frustrations

Content to commiserate in my own minds madness
forever silly and sublime in my own souls sadness
forced to endure the wacky wallowing that's become my life
until the bittersweet blackness comes to end the endless strife

My inner child has disturbing taste
that go far beyond crayons or school paste
they scare even me,a man not scared so easily
now how to go about exercising this part of me

I wish everyday to have peace and calm
but cant see it happening with all this going on
the inner turmoil between artist and action
leaves my soul without peaceful satisfaction

Only I will ever be able to figure all this out
whether through silent expression or violent shout
I pray someday I will again feel whole
until then I guess at least I have a goal

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"H" is for the Happy.....

Jenny Matlock

This is the fantastic story of a local icon of sorts
she's seen a lot of seamen and used even more ports
                                    It's a little bit of a drive, but she is still quite a good looker
I speak of course of Duluth's one and only Happy Hooker.

She'll take on men or women, either way is just fine
and it's always guaranteed to be an extremely good time
she'll give quite a ride,one like you've never before seen
and she loves to do big groups, if you know what I mean.

Now don't you worry about the things that you see
all implements of the trade that's made her adored by me
the poles,and rope, and hooks and ties
by the end of the ride,you won't even mind the flies.

Now she maybe getting older,and smell a wee bit like fish
but she's been at this awhile, granting many a young man's wish
she may have a few cracks on the surface, but I know she'll still float
for you see, dear readers, the Happy Hookers just a fishing boat

Thursday, June 2, 2011


For you followers,and those random readers, please allow my to say I'm sorry if my post "others?!?!" warning offended anyone. I posted it on facebook 1st and the warning was for certain people who feel the need to police what grown ups say to other grown ups when they let their small to young CHILDREN PLAY on their accounts. For everyone on here I copied and pasted the whole note, not thinking I admit,so please just enjoy or  at least read the poem part and know it is intended as a release. That's all it is not aimed at anyone in particular


Before you read this missive here is a warning it is written by an ADULT FOR ADULTS! IT is not intended for children.
I'm not responsible for what your kids read on the Internet, YOU ARE!! Don't let them read this if you don't want them too.
If my notes or attitude or general lack of give a flying fuck bother you ,delete me. I have friends in the real world who know exactly how I am,I'll be fine. So for the rest of you here goes.....
It seems if some others are hell bent to ignite my violence
which is fine,but don't cry as I sit in the aftermath's silence
because there is no chance of me shedding a single tear
as I introduce your entire family to it's most inner fear
A man with nothing left to loose
how you leave this world is mine to choose
It could be quick and clean,but snakes like you don't deserve
instead you'll get the full pent up rage I have in reserve
I will make you watch the loved ones you hold dear
with tears in their eyes with a look way beyond fear
my knife cuts quick,but so slow I will go
so the pain your punk ass feels is like none you'll ever know
 Then with you I will take as long as I care to
for their be no family left to come take care of you
we will get to know each other so intimately
even in hell your soul will never be able to forget me
So remember before you run your fucking mouth about a guy you barely know
make sure he's not a sociopath who enjoys a big house fires glow
and shut it quick and keep my name out your mouth
before the life you hold dear goes forever south.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"G" is good

Jenny Matlock
I'm sometimes wonder if I'm all bad or at least somewhat good
like when I want to drive over people in the neighborhood
Is it inherently evil that I want them gone
or is it good for the planet as time moves on

Now I would never act on my inner designs
but maybe I could say that I never saw the signs
"children at play" is not a free pass
to run around in the street and act like an.....(donkey)

All I'm asking is it so wrong or bad
to rid the world of things that make us sad
or is it good to want to make our world a better place
and get rid of the worse of us and leave the rest with some space

Now this is a simple poem of amusing thoughts
even if it describes all our wants
we can't go out and "thin the herd"
no matter what kind of person they are even the turds

Good or bad is all relative to your perspective
all we can do is keep our kids protected
So remember friends its all up to you
choose to be what you are inside of you