Sunday, May 29, 2011

happy memorial day

As the weekend comes and Memorial Day celebrations start
We must remember fondly those we held dearly in our hearts
Summers coming,the season has started its slow continued change
But in our souls and minds the songs will always stay the same

We wish for nothing more then to hold our families and our friends
until after the weather changes and beyond when the summer ends
We want to have every moment with them for as long as we are able
from early morning breakfasts in bed to late night dinners at the dinner table

We all remember fondly the sorted stories from our past
of quick summer romances to friendships that still last
We wish for nothing more then a continued contented joy
from every man and every woman to every girl and every boy

I wish for all of you a safe and love filled holiday
and for those of you that have passed I say a prayer everyday
May God bless you and keep you, until we are all together once again
and in our hearts and minds you will always fondly forever still remain

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

F is for .........(hehehe)

Jenny Matlock

Well we all know the word that I'd like to say
but this exercise is PG so by the rules I'll play
even though the word is useful in so many ways
you can put it in any sentence and it will stay.

Now this word is strictly for adults to use
even though the children are prone to abuse
it still has it place and need in our world
whether it is used by a boy or a girl.

If you are still confused on the word
I guarantee its definitely one you've heard
I would gladly tell you but in life we must abide the rules
so for now I'll leave some of you still lost and confused.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

E is for estatic

Jenny Matlock

E is for ecstatic,emphatic,excitement at new paths in my life
that have come to pass after going through such long periods of strife.
I find myself at another crossroads again
wondering if the one I choose will loose or win.

I choose my path and began to walk it proudly
and I scream for joy and do it loudly.
to be back to doing the thing that I love
is a gift I can only thank for the man above.

hopefully this will all work out as it should
I'll give it my all to make sure that it would.
for this is what I know and  I cannot think
of me doing anything in this world but slinging ink.

so with a cherubic grin plastered across my face
I smile widely as i move about the place.
for this shop is now my new place to enjoy my job
until the workday's done I'm just another working class slob

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

new job

So started at new shop the other day
and with a nervous sigh i have to say
im happy and excited to get back into the fray
i hope to stay busy everyday
so on my knees ill kneel and pray
that the good lord hears me when i say
thank you God for everyday

Friday, May 6, 2011


I worry sometimes that I'm never going to be
the whole complete man that I used to be
and that you all will soon forget the old version of me
when you see the man that I've come to be

I worry loved ones may choose to leave
because of the stress brought on by them by me
I hate feeling like a burden to friends and family
and am scared that they'll leave because of me

Everyday I wake up hoping it was all just a dream
but reality kicks in and it is all as it seems
This disease is starting to pull my brain apart at the seems
and it was already fragile so if it breaks what does that mean

Everyday I wake up and thank god for waking me
to fight this disease off from killing me
I know it will not win or be defeating me
but its so hard to stay strong very easily

The poem wasn't meant to upset but help comfort me
to get it down on paper and out of me
if i upset anyone of my friends or family
I'm sorry i know you are all standing right beside of me


To everyone honestly i love and know you are ALL there for me this was wrote because of this disease makes you feel isolated and alone at times. I know I'm not alone and for that i will forever be thankful to God for delivering all of you into my life. love and peace I love you all very much-T

Me Myself and I part 2

Oh no my dear readers the first one was not the end, of what make me me
the title alone suggest more than one part, at the very least parts two and three
so hang on tight my fellow bloggers, and get ready for part two of I myself and me.

I said when this whole escapade began to be prepaid for a wild and bumpy ride
through twist and turns and wicked things that may leavee the meek behind.
I've not been around the block,i've ran marathons around it and back again
So when you hear the real story of of a man, please don't judge him by what had to happen.

I left the military through no fault of my own, some gangbanger coward shot me in the back
 while trying to "earn his bones"
I hold out no resentment other to not finish what was started, and thank god everyday thats not the way I parted.

I came home to a welcome of pregnant wife and no job of which to speak
so after leaving their house at 16 I begged my parents for a reprieve
to let us stay there until iat least got back on my feet
I found two nothing jobs and was out in just three weeks

The 1st year was hard for both of us, now I do admit, I was working three jobs
and she sat alone with baby,no getting out just it.
We struggled through almost 7 years of marriage
two more sons and the weight became to much for the carriage.

I would like to push away all the blame on her,but I married once again
and that one eneded faster than the 1st, I guess in that game I just can't win.
I have a new love in my life who've I feel who knows the real me
and I'm happy with the way things are, me loving her, her loving me

So you see I'm not just a soldier, but a willing father,and loving man
who's got many more parts about myself and slowly i'll let them out when I can
but for now dear readers, this is all I dare put into the wind.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Me Myself and I

Noticed that I put very short description of me, in the about me section of the profile
when in fact that description barely covers the road I've traveled,hell it barely covers a mile.
They say you can never truly know someone , until you've walked a mile in their shoes
and I wouldn't wish that hellish walk on anyone,especially someone I barely knew.

I'm the loyal patriotic son of a patriots son and so on and so on it goes
When our country called when answered like men,not to be made into heroes. 
We did what was asked of us and our buddies, and never needed to be twice told
we didn't do to make CNN or write a book or any extra pieces of silver or gold.

I did my job like I had been taught through generation to generation
 I hold my head high as I walk the streets, knowing I helped protect this great nation.
Others still stand and fight for God, Family, and Country
and I'd still stand out there with them if this old body would let me.

I know I speak for my father, as I'm confident he'd be right at my side
and the ghost of generations past would be behind us, standing with pride.
I hope I've instilled in my sons the feeling of honor and duty without question
that if the nations calls out for help they all will be there running no stop or no resting.

I will post more bits and pieces about me as we move on this adventure
and I think you'll be happy to not be the one wearing the shoes to get there.

thank you and extra special thank you to ALL service men and women past present and future.

C is for constructive criticism

C is for constructive criticism

Jenny Matlock

See I'm usually not a blog writer, and have never claimed to be
I'm usually more of a poem writer, where I fit more comfortably.
I love the way a poem can cause a complete range of mixed emotions
same exact words, causing individual soul commotions.

Poems are meant, more for the reader, then the writer
whether it brings them somewhere dark, or to somewhere brighter.
There will always be critics, and those who absolutely love it
that's the beauty of the poem, it gives you an opinion,and the right to show it.

I know that sometimes my diction isn't perfect, and that the rhyme may falter
that's another beauty about the poem, it is the imperfect perfect alter.
So be a critic if you must, but try and be spontaneous or creative
because critics of the world, are only seeing things through eyes sedated.

They've never had an honest, or real emotional connection
that's why they choose to go through life just looking for the correction.
Constructive criticism is something we all must take from time to time
but if you're always the one with something to say, it might be time to look inside.

To see that even the perfect critic has some lines that are starting to show
but don't you dare, ever let another take away your glow.
Be happy to be you, and happy with your life
that's how I dealt with all the critics, who've hounded me through out my strife.

I hold my bald head up proud, look you in the eye and say
my life may not be perfect, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Going Insane or Just Another Extra Ordinary Day?

Woke up this morning feeling ok but a little frayed       

Like a sock monkey with which has been overplayed.

Strings askew and ends poking out from all directions

With demons claws reaching out, for their own piece of distraction.

Each paw pulling away at its own goal

Never mind that they are unraveling me whole.

For soon there will be no more string to pull

And I will be nothing more then an empty hole.

Where once stood a man who to all the world in control

There now is just a man who longs again to be whole.

Who feels as if I have juggled a million things

To maintain a semblance of the reality of which I dream.

As I stand still in what feels like suspended animation

It’s all I can do to watch the demons domination.

They pull and pull until there is nothing left

Then fight with the others to get a piece of the rest.

“STOP IT!” I scream but to no ones ears my cries land

For I am just a man standing in my own homemade wasteland.

It is wholly solely completely mine alone to make

And mine alone to will my own escape.

I wake again in a pool of my own sweat and tears

And realize it was just another dream full of other fears.

I know that deep down this disease is inside my brain

Dancing around and around and having its way.

But someday I will reclaim what has always been mine

And the disease will cease to do what it wants all the time.

I’ll free myself from this burden and go back to my extra ordinary days.

Where my body my soul and my mind are mine to do as I say.