Thursday, April 19, 2012

"V" is for.....

Jenny Matlock 

Some people place VALUE on what a person does
or they place it on what a person's worth
In times of yore it was placed not on the skinny
but upon those of us with some girth.

I myself find it all silly to VALUE
 on someone only for what they do
I choose instead to place my VALUE
on other things and look at life anew

Someone need not be rich
 to give out sage advice
and just because you are rich
doesn't mean that you are nice

Placing VALUE on someone
purely for reasons monetarily
seems to me to be backwards
and quite a bit contrary

For a person's VALUE should
be measured through their heart
For if not for compassion
this world would tear apart.

"I would rather take advice from a penniless prophet, then an enriched fool."

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"U" is for.....

Jenny Matlock

United States??- Terry Krueger 4/11/12

  The following is something that’s been running through the old noggin for awhile now.
Instead of the pithy somewhat witty little poem from a somewhat talented writer, this write is about something near and dear to my heart, the United States of America. Now I know some people will not agree with me and some may praise me as a new profit, but seriously these are just my humble opinions on the state and future of this country. Before anyone thinks that I’m all political and want to open up a discussion involving such, I’m not. I am a patriot who has served this nation’s military, worked hard and has seen a steady decline in the “American dream” I grew up with.

  That being said, here is the list of things I believe need to change to get back to the United States.

1)      People need to get over the bi-partism and realize we all are in this together. Whether you voted for the current administration or not, they were elected by a majority vote. The whole attitude of “He’s not my president” needs to go, he won he is. You may not have voted for him but he won now be a patriot and support our elected leader(s).
2)      Get over the “he did this” or “they did that” There is 545 people who have a hand in our government policy, not counting their staffs, counselors, and various lobbiest groups. So no one does anything without anyone else. It’s a fact simple as that, get over it.
3)      We need to restructure the way some of those policies are handled to insure less cost or no cost at all. The foreign policy alone is screwed, we are not the world police, we have our own issues that need to be fixed before we help out the rest of the world. For example our welfare system as it stands allows people to receive benefits from more then one state, why can’t we have a national system? Think of how much that would save alone. Why do we give aid to countries who do nothing for us? We need to collect on debt that’s owed this country and take care of any monetary debt owed other nations. We need to find new forms of fuel so as not be dependant on other nations. Between Alaska and Texas we produce plenty of oil, add in North Dakota and we have even more. Alas the reality is oil is a fossil fuel which will eventually run out, so we need to find alternatives, period.
4)      We need to bring back “American” companies to America. Our auto industry alone is mostly produced overseas, while we make Toyotas for Japan? Sounds wrong to me and easily fixed. Give them the tax breaks they need to come home, let our economy grow strong again, buy American made. We were once a super power and the promised land, we need to get back to being so.
5)      We need to stop saying the illegals take all the jobs from hard working Americans, if we were hard working we would be willing to do those jobs. We’re not they are. They take jobs for little money, we don’t. Also we need to stop hiring them- simple as that.
Now those are just the top 5 of many changes we as a nation need to make in my opinion. Again I’m no politician-thank god, and just knowledgable to be dangerous, so take it or leave it. I am a proud American who hates to see his country going downhill. I know one person cant change the country, but I seriously hope someone does.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"T" is for......

                                                              Jenny Matlock                                                                                                                                                                                 
Tenacity is all I see
every time I look at thee
for it takes all of you to be
the one who puts up with me.

I know it doesn't come easily
to be in love with someone like me
but I give my heart up easily
for in you love is all i see. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

"S" is for.....

Jenny Matlock

SOME people are content to be part of the herd
to be yet another SIMPLE SHEEP
While others prefer to be the leader
and make more noise then tiny peeps.

To be a part of the flow is fine for SOME it SEEMS
But life is for the living, this I wholeheartedly believe.
To rise above the normal black and white SIMPLICITY
To raise my voice so loud that all can hear and plainly see me.

I want the people to know I was here SO long after I am gone
That they all remember my beliefs held SO dear and for SO long
That everyone is equal whether SHEPARD or the SHEEP
and this is our world to SHARE and for everyone to keep.

SO I pray that everybody SHARES in the world as it SLOWLY grows
Where the the future takes us heaven only knows.
I'll live my life as a leader an example to the flock
and never underestimate it but in it take stock

That there are people in the world content to be
yet another SIMPLE SHEEP
and others that are born to lead
and make more noise than just a peep. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"R" is for....

Jenny Matlock
Getting "older" I think of people before I think of me
I think of loved ones, friends and most of all family
No longer night's of parties and days carefree
I'm a grown ass man with RESPONSIBILITIES.

My three sons mean this entire world to me
so glad God gave that second chance to see
those boys becoming better men than me
I thank him everyday for that, and what it means.

RESPONSIBILITY is more than just another word to me
It's been passed through generations down my family tree
It means to stand up for your country and your beliefs
and to fight for that country if that is what it needs.

I am proud of all my friends, loved ones, and family
for being there to support each other through the tragedies
Not running from but facing head on what comes naturally
all of this defines RESPONSIBILITY to me. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Q" is for...

Jenny Matlock 
So we've come once again to the letter "Q"
the QUINTESSENTIAL scrabble letter it's true it's true
It's QUIRKY, QUIET, cute, and QUAINT
So hard to use it may make you faint
So be wise while playing and hoard those "U"'s
for without hard pressed for words with "Q"'s
Remember my friends to keep your aim true
to win the game with the QUIRKY "Q"

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"P" is for....

Jenny Matlock

For this PARTICULAR POST I will PURSUE a different PURPOSE
 then PUTTING PHRASE into PARAGRAPH or my usual PROSE.
I would like to PRAISE the man who made me, the man who
PRODUCED in me, the way I am today. My father, my PATERNAL influence, 
My PADRE, my.....POPS.
Now when he was younger man he was a true PATRIOT
he joined the military of his own mind and never let us forget.
He served his country valliantly in a sad forgotten war
and fought for god, country and family to protect our very shore.
He came home to a nation, not proud of what it"s done
a returning warrior, a mother's oldest PRODIGAL son.
PATRIOTISM runs deep to this day in my Father's veins
and the soul and heart of a warrior inside him still remains.
He PROTECTED and worked for his country his God and family
he raised us with real values,my brother, sister and me.
I am PROUD to be the son of PARENTS who believe in loyalty
to have my family's warrior blood coursing straight through me.
I thank God everyday for everything and for all they gave
For blessing me with a real father and for the life's he saved.
That's my POPS in a nutshell, he might seem simple or quite PLAIN
but the PRIDE in me started early and today it still remains.