Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Brothers(by choice) Love


A Brothers(by choice) Love

As my brother from another mother is brought home today
to at last his final resting place
I choose to not be saddened by the loss but
remember the smiles he brought onto my face

I choose not to think about the sad
and quickened end
but instead remember the twenty plus years
I got to have him as a friend

I will remember fondly all of our adventures
of the past
and pray that you have finally found the peace
you sought so long at last

for on this day the good lord brings
another soldier home
to stand proudly among the ranks
around him as sits upon his throne

You will be missed my brother and
I wish that you were still here
to laugh or tell a story or even
just to have another beer

But I know you are at peace and even now
looking down from up above
at those that you held dear with your
unrelenting love

Remember though my brother someday
we will all be called back home again
and when I do I feel sorry for the lord
to have us both up there with him

For now I'll smile as I look up and think
of you my friend
because my love for you my brother
will never ever end
I wrote this poem a little over a year ago after a very close friend of mine committed suicide, it was and still is impossible for me to read it  without crying like a baby.It was also nearly impossible for me to even finish writing it,but as the anniversary of his death approaches, I am moved by the spirit of his people. You see Von was native American and they are going to throw a celebration of his life rather than be sad(which inside I know they still are) they choose to remember the positives of the man and I am proud to say they'veinvited me to join in the festivities which I fully intend to do for the man,my friend, and my brother, not by blood but because we chose to be- thank you




All this time I thought I was the puppeteer
But now I realize that I was nowhere near
Thought I controlled the strings of the
evil puppet inside of me
But now aware the evil lil bastard
was controlling me

No more! I shout as I scissor through
the strings
But he just laughs and continues to
dance and sings
So I take the sharpened end and stick
it into his back
and he just sits there continuing
to laugh and laugh

From Angel's wings

From Angel's Wings

As a youngster I'd stare up at starry nights
and wonder what were those heavenly lights
and how dare that they look down at me
and just what city and from where could they be?

As I grew older I learned they're not from here
but up in the galaxy and nowhere near
to myself, my friends, and those I love
but up in the sky high high above.

Then one day at church I once was told
that they're not stars at all, but the twinkle of gold
from angels wings as they unfold
to keep a watchful eye on us below.

As I grew older, still I'd often ponder
just how far from home, that I could wander
and still look up to the sky and see
Those wondrous lights looking down at me.

I traveled the world, both near and far
and wherever I looked up, there were the stars
and now I know, however far I roam
all I need is to look up, and feel at home.

I thank that person, from so long ago
that told me stars, were the angels glow
because I still like to believe, I know
that God has eyes on me, wherever I go.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011



by Terry C. Krueger on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 3:34pm

This will not be a poem today,just a note wrote by one real man about/to another. So if you were hoping for a whimsical display of clever wordplay you'll need to wait another day.My best friend has held that position for close to 25 years now;and held it with dignity, pride and loyalty, which considering the other half of the equation could not have been easy. Hell I had it easy, he's the most honest, caring, and loyal to his real friends as a man can be, it's easy to be his best friend. I am proud to say he is mine and prouder still he considers me his. I found out today that he is being deployed to Japan for a month starting next week to help with disaster relief,i I suppose, and he will go without question because of loyalty to his country. He's shown that loyalty time and time again by proudly serving in our military for the past 21 years. Please let's all pray for a safe trip and to get him and ALL or troops and sailors home quickly and safely.
There's an old naval tradition/superstition that if you get a nautical star tattooed on you,you'll always find your way home. Well my brother since we haven't got one on you yet, you can borrow one of mine to bring you home to your family and friends where you belong. I'll be here if your family needs ANYTHING at all,no need to even ask.We've been through a war,3 divorces,total of 7 kids twenty years of ups and downs and worse of all High School together.I'd gladly go with you if the navy asked(and paid my way lol),but I'll stay here and help keep the home fires burning as they say. I love you my friend,my brother and truly one of the people who make me a better me. Safe journey and speedy return .
proud to be your best friend- Terry

Monday, April 25, 2011

B is for business

"it's nothing personal, it's just business". Which,in my humble opinion is just bullshit. Every time more then one person is involved it at some level becomes personal. It can't be avoided it's who we are. Just business would mean there would be no emotion shown on either side of the equation, which considering I've been on both sides of the conversation,just out and out is NOT true. Sure the way saying that awful phrase may have less emotional investment then the one receiving it but still there's ALWAYS a pang of emotion. Whether it's guilt for not being able to keep someone because of economic reasons, or hate that they misrepresented themselves or hurt the business in some other way. It is that emotion good or bad that makes it personal. It will always be there as long as there is a personal touch to the business. Until businesses are run by emotionless robots,overseeing emotionless robots it will never be just business. Now if you all will excuse me I have to go tell people where I've decided to work,instead of with them,but it really is nothing personal just business.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Jenny Matlock

A is for aspirations. When I was younger I had huge aspirations to become any and everything I wanted to be. I wanted to be a rock star, an astronaut, a cartoonist, a chef and so so much more. As I grew older I learned that aspirations sometimes led to desperation and there was no way in heaven or hell I could be ALL those things, let alone all at once. Then older still my aspirations turned to other things; toward love, the pursuit of it and the fairer sex. Again with those aspirations came even more desperation as I learned that not all is fair in love or war contrary to popular vernacular. Growing older still I've learned that aspirations have no need for lofty heights or extreme results.Now my aspirations are simple some would say, but I personally wouldn't want them any other way. The love of a good woman and family and friends,will carry my out through my days end. A job I enjoy everyday, makes it not what you'd call work but most would call play. Watching my sons grow into good men gives me hope that all is not lost on our next generation.these are all that I aspire too now in life, much simpler things than when I was just a tyke.

R.I.P. to the brave 343

R.I.P. to the brave 343

by Terry C. Krueger on Friday, September 11, 2009 at 11:18am

Today is the day
that heroes gave all
today is the day
that touched both big and small

Today is the day
of a cowardly attack
today is the day
that we started fighting back

Today is the day
of evil infamy
today is the day
strangers stole a part of me

Today is the day
of a countries sadness
today is the day
of a psychos madness

Today is the day
that I saw our true heroes
Today is the day
that they ran,not away,
but toward ground zero

Today is the day
that I cried and I cried
today is the day
that our true heroes died

Today is the day
of a chickenhearted menace
today is the day
that they saw our real vengence

Today is the day
we suffered our biggest toll
today is the day
we showed our true soul

today is the day
that i'll always remember
today is the day
the 11th of September

R.I.P. to the BRAVE 343

thank you,
Terry Krueger

World's apart

World's apart

by Terry C. Krueger on Monday, January 17, 2011 at 12:20pm

The tattoos I wear are both my armor
and my art
Although existing on the same plane they
are world's apart
The warrior part of me needs the armor
for protection
Well the artist inside feeds the art for
my souls reflection
The armored facade gives me a feeling
of a false strength
Well the artistic visage keeps others
within arms length
A part of me wants to be left all alone
well the other half is scared
to return to an empty home
The audacity of me wanting
to be free
yet still have people to support me
throughout this disease
Strikes me as a thought process
that could only come from someone like me
Someone with both armor and art
that exist on the same plane
but are world's apart.

Punching at Ghosts

Punching at Ghosts
TCK 2/11

The monster that affects all of us

Has hit my inner soul like the cross town bus.

This disease does not only take out the person inflicted

But friends and families are also affected.

I am so used to handling things in a more physical way

The idea is crazy that I can’t just push this out of my way.

It’s like punching at ghosts or wrestling a spirit

Just when I believe it’s in my grasp I realize I’m nowhere near it.

The monster does not feel emotions thoughts or pain

But tears apart families like a runaway train.

If only there was a way to make it a physical manifestation

Then for those of us in the fight we’d know when we reached our destination.

It would be much simpler then punching at ghosts

While inside the demon feeds on the emotions of the host.

I’d like to be able to punch this disease square in the face

Knock it down to its knees and teach it its place.

But there’s no physical element for me to touch

Let alone a demons face for me to punch.

There are days I fear it will take my mind

And I will be in this funk all of the time.

But I remember all the people who I hold dear

And it fills me with hope and wipes away the fear.

So for now I’ll remember well, the loved ones lost

And the ones still fighting the monster at any cost.

I will stand ever vigilant at my chosen post

And for now I’ll keep swinging at those damn ghosts.

My 1st attempt (revisited)

Some of you my have seen for a few days I had a blog with literally nothing wrote in it. Let's chalk it up to complete user error I'm a tattoo gut who happens to write a lot mostly poems, but occasionally I've been known to spin a good yarn if given the time. So with that being said we"ll pretend that mysterious empty blog never happened. My girlfriend says there are assigned things to write about and once I'm more familiar with the blogosphere I will soon be joining some of those groups. For now I think I'll stick to introductions and getting to know yous. I'm one of those crazy bastards that chooses to live in a cold state and reserves the right to bitch about it. I'm almost 40 been through hell and high water to make it this far including 2 divorces, multiple career paths and even leukemia, so I think god has a plan for me, unless I'm the longest running sit-com in heaven (which would NOT be cool). I'm at the point in my life where I can say I'm happy I have great kids, a job I love and get to spend everyday with the love of my life, what more is there in life really than love and understanding. I have self diagnosed adult onset a d d in high definition so sometimes these blogs will be a little bit of a wild ride, but then so is life, and you can either hold on, enjoy and scream for all you're worth, or plant your butt to your favorite piece of furniture until you and it fuse together like some human/ lazy boy hybrid. I will try my best not to bore to many of you and not offend all of you no promises being former sailor and prison guard some stuff may rear it's ugly head so think that's about it for my 1st attempt hopefully many more to follow thanks