Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year??.......

Jenny Matlock

As this year winds down and comes to an end
a new year is chomping at the bit to began.
We will remember times both bad and good
and all the stories of our neighborhood.

We will remember all those loved ones past
and remind ourselves that life moves way too fast
to not tell those people that we love and adore
that we will be there for them forevermore.

So as the year kicks in and begins anew
we'll remember fondly those we knew
and with cherished memories will bid adeiu
to this last year leaves us and one begans anew

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holidays are for......

Jenny Matlock

The holidays are more to me
then Christmas lights
and festive presents under the tree

They're more than quality
time with the family
they're about the birth
of a man who gave his life for you and me

Everyone should remember
the greatest sacrifice
A father could ever make
to send his only son to give his life
and all the world's sin on his shoulder's take

Thank you lord for everyday
and allowing us this holiday
to string the lights that shine through the night
thank you for the presents under the tree
and quality time with friends and family
and the greatest sacrifice in history.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"F" is for......

Jenny Matlock

The world is filled with words, that are daily given
but one that should be said more is "you're forgiven"
We've all made mistakes along our chosen paths
But never enough to incur other's unending wraths.

I for one know that I'm not perfect or sin free
does that give the world the right to disdain me
I am who I am and wear my skin comfortably
because I know in my soul my lord's forgiven me

So let other's pass judgement as they walk pass by
I just keep walking forward, may even smile and say "hi"
for they are the one's watched intently by God's eye
For they can't forgive themselves and it makes him cry.

We need to let go and move on from the past
how long do we need to make our own suffering last
let's all try to remember that intentions were good
and that forgiven is not necessarily a bad word.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

PILLS By Terry Krueger

So as I do "care and maintenance" with true conviction
I ask myself if these pills are my new addiction
Isn't it wrong that I follow doctors orders with dedication
if I fear a dependency on their very medication.

I don't want to cure one to contract a new disease
especially one that brings me to bagging on my knees
for one more round of pain medication
to dull the common sense of my street education.

That screams at my soul that I've become addicted
to the pills that come from prescriptions
from the people who are only trying to help me through
if only, if only they knew the awful truth.

That my body may be hard wired to addictions
from all drugs and not just prescriptions
that the solutions may be the problems
and all the meds in the world won't solve them.

I pray to God each and everyday
that the doctors may find another drug free way
to keep the monster at bay and me disease free
without the need for chemical dependency

I know they know what they're doing and in them I trust
for I am a novice to disease control and I simply must
go with what they say with unimpeded dedication
and continue to take my daily medication.

Wrote this several months ago but as they add more and more medications
I feel my body needs a medicine free vacation.
hope this inspires those who need it most
and someday in the future we'll all be able to toast
to a drug free life and a brighter future
full of love life and nurture.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"E" is for.....

Jenny Matlock

Emotion comes from many different sources
Depending how long or where the course is
Emotion can come from a great devotion
Feeling love for people who helped the healing
Well wishing those who didn't would go to hell
Love for unseen spirits living up above
Hate for the ones messing with your fate
Yes emotion is a tricky thing
One day you feel like nothing
the next you feel like a king
I am proud to say I'm an emotional man
because without them I wouldn't be who I am.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"D" is for......

Jenny Matlock

Duty is described as doing what is necessary
to keep things you hold dear alive
I believe it is everybody's duty
to make sure to help their beliefs survive

Duty is not a word I use frivolously
 or ever take too lightly
if it means I stand watch over loved ones
 then I'll proudly do it nightly

Like chocolate and peanut butter
Duty and honor go hand and hand
If this country needed me again
I'd be there at the presidents command

I'm a proud American son
of an American military family
and if anybody was in trouble
they can always count on me

I stand side by side with others because
Duty for me comes naturally
I believe our beliefs will survive
because of others who are just like me.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"C" is for....

Jenny Matlock

This world is in dire need of Courtesy
for rudeness and lack of manners is lately all I see
What happened to the days of respect and peace
replaced by talking back that will never cease
I was raised to show everyone common Courtesy
open doors for others with no need to ever thank me
It was just what one did for their fellow man
and never even thought of disrespecting a woman
They are to be cherished as the givers of life
not to be put through trouble and strife
A simple thank you or please goes a country mile
to make someones day and give them a smile
A smile that becomes instantly infectious
and makes the day better for the rest of us
this country is in dire need of simple Courtesy
so I thank you all for reading about what I see
The fact you read what my simple self writes makes my day
thank you- Terry

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"B" is for....

Jenny Matlock

                                                        Beautiful like a warm spring day
Beautiful in each and every way
Beautiful like a summer's blue moon
Beautiful enough to make my heart swoon
Beautiful like a winter's fresh fallen snow
Beautiful in every way this heart knows
Beautiful both inside and out
Beautiful that makes my soul shout
Beautiful inside your generous heart
Beautiful enough to tear my world apart
Beautiful even if you don't believe
Beautiful, trust me it's all I see

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"A" is for....

Jenny Matlock
As we began Again we stand at the Apex of something new
Another round of the Alphabet to rhyme my way through
I like to the think of the challenge and that I'm up for it
to bring All new poems with clever wordplay and wit
I guess we will All just have to wait and see
if my mind has enough verses inside of me
to get through them All from A to z
without repeating anything
so here's to us one and All
to succeed and not fall.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Warrior's Cry- TCK 10/11

Have you ever heard a warrior cry?

I did the the other day

when my father called to say

that my grandma may soon pass away.

It wasn't a full blown tear

or even a hitch or sob

but enough of a pause

to do it's intended job.

The toughest man I've ever known

had finally let his emotion shown

and made his warrior son a little more grown

as I found the need to grieve on my own

I know she is in a better place

and smiling into her true loves face

but still I wish she had more time down here

to be loved by those of us who held her dear

I now know that warriors cry

because I cried until my eyes were dry

It's ok to let emotions show

and I know she's forever in her savior's glow

So as we move on here down below

we will all remember and all will know

that when you hear a warrior cry

they're secure in their emotions and that is why

This poem is dedicated to my father, the toughest warrior I've ever known and my grandma (my she rest in peace) for making him the great man I know and love.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Autumn Memories"

Jenny Matlock

Author's note; today I thought I'd try something a little different and share an excerpt
from what was once a graphic novel project by my brother and me. Now I'm giving it a try as a
book. I appreciate any and all opinions thanks- Terry

"The changing seasons and fall explosion of colors brings memories to this old man.
My name is not important, but the young ones have taken to calling me storyteller,I can live
with that. I've lived a thousand lifetimes with other names way worse than that.
You see I am the clan historian for the oldest, and most powerful clan of what you
humans call vampires, on earth. Ask me my exact age and I couldn't began to
fathom the number. I've seen the rise and fall of millions of so called empires
in my day. always silently from the shadows. Not as you may think because of
you're belief that the sun will kill us or for fear of being hunted,although your kind has
hunted us before. Because the simple fact that we survive because of our willingness to
be a part of the background. We've learned to live among you, to be a part
of your communities to continue our reign as the dominant member of the food chain.
Unfortunately it wasn't always that way. There are also those among us who aren't
content to just survive, but would rather choose to thrive and dominate the entire world.
The first time the humans attacked in mass, it was an autumn day much like today.
The leaves were falling in a rainbow of colors throughout the spectrum of reds, yellows
and oranges. There was a crisp in the air that brought out the thicker furs to cover us from the
chill. The day started peaceful enough,because in those days there were clans everywhere
and all vying to be the ruling clan. The three biggest clans consisted of Morgan's to the north
Saul's to the east and us. We generally stayed above the fray,and therefore enjoyed a relative unspoken peace between the three. The peaceful morning was suddenly broken by the cries of our sentries of "RIDER!!" The rider pulled up and begged for forgiveness to arrive unannounced but he had urgent news that needed to be shared with our king. The king was told instantly and approached the rider
"What news man? Speak up then." One word escaped the weary riders lips but it was enough
to bring our way of life into chaos for hundreds of years  to come and always brings these memories to the mind of an old man every autumn. "HUMANS!....."

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Colorful Change

Jenny Matlock

As the air turns to the falls eventual chill
it gives this eternal optimist an incredible thrill
to see the colors change in the bushes and the trees
and makes this born again christian soldier fall to his knees.

To see the greatness of God's own hand
and even a portion of his grand plan
makes me realize that I'm still only a man
and for his service I will gladly stand.

For he knows that the world needs to change
and fall colors are the reminder for us to rearrange
the way we think toward our fellow man
and instead give ourselves to the lord's plan.

It reminds me every year I should continue to work
at being a better person and not such a jerk
If he can change the world's very landscape
I for one can let myself go and escape.

Let me give in to the masters plan
and change the colors of this simple man
from black and grays, blues and greens
to those of brighter futures and bigger things.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Z" is for...

Jenny Matlock
Well here we are everyone at the end
hopefully along the way you've met new people
and maybe made a new friend.
It has been an informative, educational journey
that has this urban poet reflecting on yours truly
and seeing a deeper side of me.
I thank you all for your poems,stories, opinions, and more
and I for one can't wait to see what else is in store
which is why I will blog forevermore.
We may have reached the end,the zenith if you will
but I will continue to write more and more still
for it's cathartic release is needed to fulfill.
The part of me that keeps me me sane
and stops me from jumping off the window pane
which is only 3 feet off the ground and would be truly insane.
For all your writings I am truly thankful and blessed
even now as alpha-Thursday comes to a rest
I believe I have surrounded myself with the best.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"X" is for............

Jenny Matlock
"X marks the spot."
What an innocuous statement right? WRONG!
It marks THE spot?!?! That's a lot of pressure on two intersecting
lines. It doesn't say X marks a spot or X marks random spots, it says THE spot.
What's at said spot? Is it the spot for everyone or just the person who
chose to put an X there? I choose to think it's the latter or all the X's would be in one spot.
THE spot, wow it sends a brain swimming! I want to go to THE spot,but then again I have two
X's and neither are where I'd like to be. THE spot not a bad gig for our little letter friend,
whose only other claim is racking up points in scrabble, and let's face it Q still rules in that game.
Q doesn't mark THE spot though, that's all X's gig. You go X, you mark THE spot. We
will all stand in awe of your prestigious position and give thanks for your sense of honor
and commitment to your duty.
Thank you X Thank you

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Y" is for.....

Jenny Matlock

The one I cherish and adore
The one that I'd do anything for and more
The one whose daily absence that I miss
The one on whose lips I cannot wait to plant a kiss
The one I've loved completely for so long
Whose touch sends my heart into a song
The one who is beauty both in and out
The one who makes my inner child shout
The one who makes me want to be wild and crazy
The one who makes me want to stay in bed being lazy
The one I can never get enough from

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"W" is for ....

Jenny Matlock

Whatever is clever! Whatever floats your boat?
I use to hear these sayings and my heart would sink not float.
I use to think it meant you were all done talking with nothing more to say
and out of clever comebacks and out of vocabulary

But now I realize you were just trying to be nice
so you didnt need to repeat yourself for those who needed to be told twice
Which makes me think that I"m the stupid one
because I hear these sayings everyday and not just only once

I thought I did ok with conversations and filled them with witt and charm
but in reality I guess that they were pithy and did less good then harm
Oh well I guess that I'll keep trying to keep up with conversations
with "whatever is clever" insice my head for reservation

Thursday, September 15, 2011

"V" is for.....

Jenny Matlock

Today I sat and thought of words starting with "V"
couldn't come up with one that inspired a rhyme
then I thought of a t-shirt I use to own that was very funny
at least to me. It had a picture of brass knuckles and the words
"I know violence isn't the answer,I got it wrong unpurpose."
Hilarius, so today I'd like to hear from others about their favorite
t-shirts or bumper stickers. Very funny.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"U" is for Unity

Jenny Matlock
I pray each and everyday for peace and unity
for the whole wide world, not just for you and me
I wish everyone could see what others see
and bring a better sense of community

Through strangers eyes I would like to see
to know how others view you and me
To know their view of world peace
of the end of war,famine and disease

Through my own eyes I wish that they could see
to know we're not so different, them and me
That I only long for a better world in which to be
to live,laugh and grow my family

I pray each and everyday for peace and unity
for the whole wide world, not just you and me

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"T" is for.......

Jenny Matlock

This week's letter is the letter T
which should come easily for a guy like me
Being a Tattoo guy whose name is Terry
but when have I ever done what was easy?

My Tormented mind Thought of so many Things
That start with the letter T
That it normally would make my heart sing
and the rhyme would come so easily

Then the perfect word struck my brain
it was so simple and quaintly plain
It is such an important word to me and you
The perfect word, the number Two 

Two people Together for Two years
Through all the smiles and all the Tears
Through all the joys and all the fears
Two people Together for Two years

You gave my life a reason to start anew
and I still feel the same at year Two
Never new real love until I reconnected with you
and now my Tortured heart knows love That's True

Two years down and a lifetime to go
not sure of much but This I know
I will love you forever and always
from now until the end of my days.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

"S" is for shaken

Jenny Matlock

So the other day my whole world was shaken
making me question the roads I've taken
Could my very existence be mistaken?
Have I made a fake life and left the real one forsaken?

Questions roll through my mind's eye
Did I follow the right paths before I die?
Did I make the right choices or didn't I?
Is this my reality or just another lie?

Shaken to the very core of me
has my screaming for my own reality
cant see the forest for the trees
especially from down upon my broken knees.

I pray that the reason for the feeling of being shook
has left my radius and taken all its took
for I cannot handle anything else taken away from me
barely clinging to a semblance of normalcy.

There's no other feeling near the one of being shaken
that makes you question the roads not taken
or whether you're still in the lord's grace
or have you been forever forsaken.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"R" is for reality by from my wicked ways to turning a phrase

Jenny Matlock

Mental ruminations spark cerebral imaginations, while cutting out inner
conversations, with my own reality.
Do I listen to the cacophony of the oral symphony, or ignore it,
because it's not really me?

Do I believe the mental imagery, or go back
to actual physical activity?
Do I embrace what only I can see, or
join the flock with abandoned empathy?

I long to live in my created world
of harmonic simplicity, but
know I must continue to live in reality.
......dammit.(sorry Ms. Matlock)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Q" is for Quintessential

                                                         Jenny Matlock
                                So this week's post is more of a simple Query than anything else.
If "quint" ,generally speaking, means five times as much, when used
as a prefix, does quintessential mean it's five times as essential?
I personally cannot think of  ANYTHING that I would need
that much. Just a simple Question from the Quintessential male mind.
(which I guess makes me five times as simple minded.)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"P" is for pills

Jenny Matlock

So as I do care and maintenance with true conviction
I ask myself if these pills are my new addiction
Is it it wrong that I follow doctors orders with dedication
if I fear a dependency on their very medication

I don't want to cure one to contract a new disease
especially one that brings me to bagging on my knees
for one more round of pain medication
to dull the common sense of my street education

That screams at my soul that I've become addicted
to the pills that come from prescriptions
from the people who are only trying to help me through
if only if only they knew the awful truth

That my body may be hard wired to addictions
from all drugs and not just prescriptions
that the solutions may be the problems
and all the meds in the world won't solve them

I pray to God each and everyday
that the doctors may find another drug free way
to keep the monster at bay and me disease free
without the need for chemical dependency

I know they know what they're doing and in them I trust
for I am a novice to disease control and I simply must
go with what they say with unimpeded dedication
and continue to take my daily medication.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"O" isfor Othello

Jenny Matlock
Othello was a mighty fine fellow
who graced one of Billy Shakes plays
Although being a mighty fine fellow
he was quite controversial for back in the day

For Othello was a moor and not the royal rich white man
 who usually graced the queens stage
So both he and William Shakespeare were characters
quite ahead of their own age

How dare poor Billy write a black man
as the lead of one of his plays
For only the rich powerful and white man
 ever did act way back in his day

I'm sure old William and I
would have got along quite well
Oh, for I can only imagine
the stories we'd tell

Of how just to mess with the crown
and all the royal family
he would write characters for
women and minorities

Oh how we would laugh
at the preposterous of it all
How many rich white men would dress
in drag just to fill a hall

Whether he knew or not how his
plays would still affect
the way the world works
and its very dialect

I'm sure Billy Shakes
is laughing in his grave
at the jokes he played
when he wrote his plays 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"N" is for never

Jenny Matlock
Today's word is never, actually the little word is probably most clever
because although we all use it constantly, Its existence relys on its inconsistency.
I used to say that I'd NEVER have kids
now I'm proud father to all three
I used to say true love was NEVER meant for me
but then I reunited with Melanie
I used to think I'd NEVER get sick
but now I'm cancer-free
I used to think a real job is NEVER going to be
now I tattoo daily, and happily
So now I say NEVER with a sly wink
because the future is NEVER what we think
for the only constant NEVER is NEVER ever going to happen
just when we think we have HIS plan figured, it changes and he starts laughing.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"M" is for Melanie

Jenny Matlock

Holy crap!! The day is finally here!!
The day I get to write about the person I hold most dear.
This won't be random word choice or clever turns of a phrase
for she brings peace into my nights and brightens all of my days.
I'd like to run the gambit of old sayings and overused cliches
but realize so many songs convey exactly what i want to say
So indulge me my own private word game
as I list songs that remind me of her by name.

M- my girl
E- every breath you take
L- love you I do
A- always and forever
N- never could say goodbye
I- I'll be loving you forever
E- every little thing you do is magic

These songs can speak to me on so many levels
both body and soul
I hope to write one day with the same intended goal
that you read the words from the man who loves you completely
and that you realize that not only did you save me, you complete me

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"L" is for Loyalty

Jenny Matlock

This poem is dedicated first and foremost to God, whose faith in me never wavered even when mine in him my have. Also to the health care professionals who do a phenomenal job, even with a stubborn crabby patient like me.Finally it goes out to my family and friends (my chosen family) whose loyalty to me never faltered and are the reason I'll keep swinging to keep "the monster" back. The leukemia is in remission because WE beat it into it, I could have NEVER done this alone and I love and thank you ALL for it.
Now onto the poem, hope you like it....

Whether you're new to my life
or have been here from the beginning
I thank you all for the loyalty you showed
for helping me in the fight and winning

You are the reason I kept my head down
and kept right on swinging
To keep me from giving up
or hear the death noll ringing

I should have died a hundred times
and left the world and family behind
but you never let me quit or lie down and give in
you gave me the the reason to stand up and fight and keep on living

your love and prayers continue to amaze me
and lift me up
and your very visage was enough
to keep me from giving up

Your unabashed loyalty to me
is really quite outstanding
thank you for standing with me
as my body and soul took a pounding

WE beat this monster
as my faith said we would
and I can't thank you enough
for doing all you could

whether blood related
or chosen friends
I won't forget a one of you
until at last my eventual end

You have renewed in me
a new look at life
and my smile is back
even through everyday strife

I say thank you thank you thank you
to God, the doctors, family and friends both old and new
for putting petty shit behind
and helping this scattered soul get through

I am grateful and amazed
at the loyalty
that you all showed
a poor schmuck like me.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Art, the art

As parts connect and the buzzing starts
it sends thrills of electricity straight to my heart
As the piercing comes and the teardrops burst
the art the art will always come first

As I escape into the daily rhythmic ritual
I wonder how I ever let it get so hatefully habitual
never caring who it hurts or how many teardrops burst
the art the art will always come first

As out the storefront life slowly creeps on by
think "I'm to cool for school and I'm way to fly"
never caring who it hurts or how many teardrops burst
the art the art will always come first

It never shows emotion not an ounce of a care
leaving loved ones in its wake unwilling to share
never caring who it hurts or how many teardrops burst
the art the art will always comes first

I try to tell myself to move on take control of my life
but it's will is to strong and I can't handle the strife
never caring who it hurts or how many teardrops burst
the art the art will always come first

It used to be good as a part of what makes me, me
but now it's drunk on power and makes up the majority
never caring who it hurts or how many teardrops burst
the art the art will always come first

The art is not literal or what you might think
it's the art of hiding my true self and quelling my stink
never caring who it hurts or how many teardrops burst
the art the art will always come first

So consider this my admittance and heartfelt apology
I'm sorry I've let the art take over am no longer me
never caring who it hurts or how many teardrops burst
the art the art will always come first

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"K" is for knowledge

Jenny Matlock

Karma can be a bitch, and is also the name of my female dog                      
Nobody ever won a medal for running through a london fog                         
Owning something is way different than having something to call your own
   Winning is not everything,but trying your best is something they cannot clone
Leaving things to chance is like betting on a happy circumstance                 
Everyone has someone out there sounds like a cheesy movie romance         
Don't know why or how this has to do with gaining any sort of knowledge  
Getting by with what i learned in kindergarten, not all the things in college 
     Escaping from reality by clever phrase and witty wording hoping it don't erase

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"J" is for my Junk.

Jenny Matlock

Thank God this week's letter is "J"
It's the perfect letter to let me play
and maybe just maybe pull me from my funk
because I get to write about a favorite subject, my junk.

My junk is quite honestly of a decent size
in fact once you see it, you won't believe your eyes
nobody would ever dare to call my junk small
it literally extends from the bedroom right into the hall.

It really is quite amazing just how much my junk has touched
as a boy I never thought just how many lives it would affect so much
from men, to women, to children, even pets
once it's touched you, my junk is not so easy to forget.

Like anybody else my junk has got bigger as I grew
really quite amazing how much junk I did acrue
at first I could barely fill a room with my junk
now it's all over the house, the garage, and even in my trunk.

Because much like everyone else I can't throw my junk away
you just never know if you'll need that piece of junk someday.

WHAT?!? What did you think this was about??

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"I" is for Icarus

Jenny Matlock

Icarus was a Greek filled with self assurance and very vain
who thought himself a god and could never imagine himself in pain
He fashioned himself wings to take flight and soar
like the gods of olden days had done so in the days of yore 

But Icarus was not a god, but simply a  very vain man
who the gods looked down upon and fashioned their own plan
for as Icarus flew to close to the sun
his wings burned off and singed his bum 

As he fell to earth he realised his own folly
that to be a god is a birthright not a calling
that his downfall was his own vanity
too late he saw to save his own sanity

He died as he lived thinking only of self
looking like a child's toy thrown off a shelf
finally learning the lesson so many have learned
if you fly to close to the sun you are bound to be burned

Monday, June 13, 2011

voices(inside and out?)

I'm a sadistic masochistic eccentric
chauvinistic son of a bitch
Who can't find his insane brains mainframe
or a functioning facade of an on/off switch

I'm a demonic soulless sociopath creation
hellbent on a chaotic and random demonstration
of my own fucking frustrations

Content to commiserate in my own minds madness
forever silly and sublime in my own souls sadness
forced to endure the wacky wallowing that's become my life
until the bittersweet blackness comes to end the endless strife

My inner child has disturbing taste
that go far beyond crayons or school paste
they scare even me,a man not scared so easily
now how to go about exercising this part of me

I wish everyday to have peace and calm
but cant see it happening with all this going on
the inner turmoil between artist and action
leaves my soul without peaceful satisfaction

Only I will ever be able to figure all this out
whether through silent expression or violent shout
I pray someday I will again feel whole
until then I guess at least I have a goal

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"H" is for the Happy.....

Jenny Matlock

This is the fantastic story of a local icon of sorts
she's seen a lot of seamen and used even more ports
                                    It's a little bit of a drive, but she is still quite a good looker
I speak of course of Duluth's one and only Happy Hooker.

She'll take on men or women, either way is just fine
and it's always guaranteed to be an extremely good time
she'll give quite a ride,one like you've never before seen
and she loves to do big groups, if you know what I mean.

Now don't you worry about the things that you see
all implements of the trade that's made her adored by me
the poles,and rope, and hooks and ties
by the end of the ride,you won't even mind the flies.

Now she maybe getting older,and smell a wee bit like fish
but she's been at this awhile, granting many a young man's wish
she may have a few cracks on the surface, but I know she'll still float
for you see, dear readers, the Happy Hookers just a fishing boat

Thursday, June 2, 2011


For you followers,and those random readers, please allow my to say I'm sorry if my post "others?!?!" warning offended anyone. I posted it on facebook 1st and the warning was for certain people who feel the need to police what grown ups say to other grown ups when they let their small to young CHILDREN PLAY on their accounts. For everyone on here I copied and pasted the whole note, not thinking I admit,so please just enjoy or  at least read the poem part and know it is intended as a release. That's all it is not aimed at anyone in particular


Before you read this missive here is a warning it is written by an ADULT FOR ADULTS! IT is not intended for children.
I'm not responsible for what your kids read on the Internet, YOU ARE!! Don't let them read this if you don't want them too.
If my notes or attitude or general lack of give a flying fuck bother you ,delete me. I have friends in the real world who know exactly how I am,I'll be fine. So for the rest of you here goes.....
It seems if some others are hell bent to ignite my violence
which is fine,but don't cry as I sit in the aftermath's silence
because there is no chance of me shedding a single tear
as I introduce your entire family to it's most inner fear
A man with nothing left to loose
how you leave this world is mine to choose
It could be quick and clean,but snakes like you don't deserve
instead you'll get the full pent up rage I have in reserve
I will make you watch the loved ones you hold dear
with tears in their eyes with a look way beyond fear
my knife cuts quick,but so slow I will go
so the pain your punk ass feels is like none you'll ever know
 Then with you I will take as long as I care to
for their be no family left to come take care of you
we will get to know each other so intimately
even in hell your soul will never be able to forget me
So remember before you run your fucking mouth about a guy you barely know
make sure he's not a sociopath who enjoys a big house fires glow
and shut it quick and keep my name out your mouth
before the life you hold dear goes forever south.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"G" is good

Jenny Matlock
I'm sometimes wonder if I'm all bad or at least somewhat good
like when I want to drive over people in the neighborhood
Is it inherently evil that I want them gone
or is it good for the planet as time moves on

Now I would never act on my inner designs
but maybe I could say that I never saw the signs
"children at play" is not a free pass
to run around in the street and act like an.....(donkey)

All I'm asking is it so wrong or bad
to rid the world of things that make us sad
or is it good to want to make our world a better place
and get rid of the worse of us and leave the rest with some space

Now this is a simple poem of amusing thoughts
even if it describes all our wants
we can't go out and "thin the herd"
no matter what kind of person they are even the turds

Good or bad is all relative to your perspective
all we can do is keep our kids protected
So remember friends its all up to you
choose to be what you are inside of you