Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"T" is for.......

Jenny Matlock

This week's letter is the letter T
which should come easily for a guy like me
Being a Tattoo guy whose name is Terry
but when have I ever done what was easy?

My Tormented mind Thought of so many Things
That start with the letter T
That it normally would make my heart sing
and the rhyme would come so easily

Then the perfect word struck my brain
it was so simple and quaintly plain
It is such an important word to me and you
The perfect word, the number Two 

Two people Together for Two years
Through all the smiles and all the Tears
Through all the joys and all the fears
Two people Together for Two years

You gave my life a reason to start anew
and I still feel the same at year Two
Never new real love until I reconnected with you
and now my Tortured heart knows love That's True

Two years down and a lifetime to go
not sure of much but This I know
I will love you forever and always
from now until the end of my days.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

"S" is for shaken

Jenny Matlock

So the other day my whole world was shaken
making me question the roads I've taken
Could my very existence be mistaken?
Have I made a fake life and left the real one forsaken?

Questions roll through my mind's eye
Did I follow the right paths before I die?
Did I make the right choices or didn't I?
Is this my reality or just another lie?

Shaken to the very core of me
has my screaming for my own reality
cant see the forest for the trees
especially from down upon my broken knees.

I pray that the reason for the feeling of being shook
has left my radius and taken all its took
for I cannot handle anything else taken away from me
barely clinging to a semblance of normalcy.

There's no other feeling near the one of being shaken
that makes you question the roads not taken
or whether you're still in the lord's grace
or have you been forever forsaken.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"R" is for reality by from my wicked ways to turning a phrase

Jenny Matlock

Mental ruminations spark cerebral imaginations, while cutting out inner
conversations, with my own reality.
Do I listen to the cacophony of the oral symphony, or ignore it,
because it's not really me?

Do I believe the mental imagery, or go back
to actual physical activity?
Do I embrace what only I can see, or
join the flock with abandoned empathy?

I long to live in my created world
of harmonic simplicity, but
know I must continue to live in reality.
......dammit.(sorry Ms. Matlock)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Q" is for Quintessential

                                                         Jenny Matlock
                                So this week's post is more of a simple Query than anything else.
If "quint" ,generally speaking, means five times as much, when used
as a prefix, does quintessential mean it's five times as essential?
I personally cannot think of  ANYTHING that I would need
that much. Just a simple Question from the Quintessential male mind.
(which I guess makes me five times as simple minded.)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"P" is for pills

Jenny Matlock

So as I do care and maintenance with true conviction
I ask myself if these pills are my new addiction
Is it it wrong that I follow doctors orders with dedication
if I fear a dependency on their very medication

I don't want to cure one to contract a new disease
especially one that brings me to bagging on my knees
for one more round of pain medication
to dull the common sense of my street education

That screams at my soul that I've become addicted
to the pills that come from prescriptions
from the people who are only trying to help me through
if only if only they knew the awful truth

That my body may be hard wired to addictions
from all drugs and not just prescriptions
that the solutions may be the problems
and all the meds in the world won't solve them

I pray to God each and everyday
that the doctors may find another drug free way
to keep the monster at bay and me disease free
without the need for chemical dependency

I know they know what they're doing and in them I trust
for I am a novice to disease control and I simply must
go with what they say with unimpeded dedication
and continue to take my daily medication.