Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"F" is for......

Jenny Matlock

The world is filled with words, that are daily given
but one that should be said more is "you're forgiven"
We've all made mistakes along our chosen paths
But never enough to incur other's unending wraths.

I for one know that I'm not perfect or sin free
does that give the world the right to disdain me
I am who I am and wear my skin comfortably
because I know in my soul my lord's forgiven me

So let other's pass judgement as they walk pass by
I just keep walking forward, may even smile and say "hi"
for they are the one's watched intently by God's eye
For they can't forgive themselves and it makes him cry.

We need to let go and move on from the past
how long do we need to make our own suffering last
let's all try to remember that intentions were good
and that forgiven is not necessarily a bad word.


  1. Thought-provoking poem. Well done on a great 'F' post

  2. How true please may I put on my facebook wall as have so many christians who would love to read this will credit it to you

  3. My son had a huge fit today. He later apologized. I was so impressed. I had to hug him and forgiven him.

  4. Forgiveness is a beautiful blessing that I am forever grateful for.

  5. So true, but difficult to remember sometimes.

  6. Beautiful thoughts. Sometimes it's ourselves that we need to forgive too.

  7. Forgiveness is so important, isn't it? Well done.


  8. I Feel Fantastic about you sharing this Fabulous poem for the letter "F"!!!

    I am definitely Fulfilled, so you will not be getting a Failing grade. . .

    You will be getting an. . .