Saturday, December 10, 2011

PILLS By Terry Krueger

So as I do "care and maintenance" with true conviction
I ask myself if these pills are my new addiction
Isn't it wrong that I follow doctors orders with dedication
if I fear a dependency on their very medication.

I don't want to cure one to contract a new disease
especially one that brings me to bagging on my knees
for one more round of pain medication
to dull the common sense of my street education.

That screams at my soul that I've become addicted
to the pills that come from prescriptions
from the people who are only trying to help me through
if only, if only they knew the awful truth.

That my body may be hard wired to addictions
from all drugs and not just prescriptions
that the solutions may be the problems
and all the meds in the world won't solve them.

I pray to God each and everyday
that the doctors may find another drug free way
to keep the monster at bay and me disease free
without the need for chemical dependency

I know they know what they're doing and in them I trust
for I am a novice to disease control and I simply must
go with what they say with unimpeded dedication
and continue to take my daily medication.

Wrote this several months ago but as they add more and more medications
I feel my body needs a medicine free vacation.
hope this inspires those who need it most
and someday in the future we'll all be able to toast
to a drug free life and a brighter future
full of love life and nurture.

1 comment:

  1. I came to realize that the drugs were making me sick and went to the doctor to ask him to wean me off of them. Gotta tell you I have never felt better. Why did I need them in the first place I thought. Always look for an alternative. ~Ames