Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Colorful Change

Jenny Matlock

As the air turns to the falls eventual chill
it gives this eternal optimist an incredible thrill
to see the colors change in the bushes and the trees
and makes this born again christian soldier fall to his knees.

To see the greatness of God's own hand
and even a portion of his grand plan
makes me realize that I'm still only a man
and for his service I will gladly stand.

For he knows that the world needs to change
and fall colors are the reminder for us to rearrange
the way we think toward our fellow man
and instead give ourselves to the lord's plan.

It reminds me every year I should continue to work
at being a better person and not such a jerk
If he can change the world's very landscape
I for one can let myself go and escape.

Let me give in to the masters plan
and change the colors of this simple man
from black and grays, blues and greens
to those of brighter futures and bigger things.


  1. Upbeat and happy little poem!

    love it...

  2. Oh, I loved this one:) Happy Autumn

  3. I love this fall poem. It's a delightful stop on the Alphabe-Thursday journey. :-)


  4. Great ‘Autumn’ poem!

    Have a great weekend too & look forward to *seeing* you again next time,


  5. Fall really is a chance to make changes. I enjoyed your poem.

  6. A hopeful poem of faith.

    Nicely done.


  7. Oh no! Blogger is being difficult again!

    Okay...third times the charm!

    I really liked this. Sometimes it seems that the only thing we have is faith. And hope.

    You captured that so well here.

    I really enjoyed this imagery.

    Thanks for coming to Autumn Break.