Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Autumn Memories"

Jenny Matlock

Author's note; today I thought I'd try something a little different and share an excerpt
from what was once a graphic novel project by my brother and me. Now I'm giving it a try as a
book. I appreciate any and all opinions thanks- Terry

"The changing seasons and fall explosion of colors brings memories to this old man.
My name is not important, but the young ones have taken to calling me storyteller,I can live
with that. I've lived a thousand lifetimes with other names way worse than that.
You see I am the clan historian for the oldest, and most powerful clan of what you
humans call vampires, on earth. Ask me my exact age and I couldn't began to
fathom the number. I've seen the rise and fall of millions of so called empires
in my day. always silently from the shadows. Not as you may think because of
you're belief that the sun will kill us or for fear of being hunted,although your kind has
hunted us before. Because the simple fact that we survive because of our willingness to
be a part of the background. We've learned to live among you, to be a part
of your communities to continue our reign as the dominant member of the food chain.
Unfortunately it wasn't always that way. There are also those among us who aren't
content to just survive, but would rather choose to thrive and dominate the entire world.
The first time the humans attacked in mass, it was an autumn day much like today.
The leaves were falling in a rainbow of colors throughout the spectrum of reds, yellows
and oranges. There was a crisp in the air that brought out the thicker furs to cover us from the
chill. The day started peaceful enough,because in those days there were clans everywhere
and all vying to be the ruling clan. The three biggest clans consisted of Morgan's to the north
Saul's to the east and us. We generally stayed above the fray,and therefore enjoyed a relative unspoken peace between the three. The peaceful morning was suddenly broken by the cries of our sentries of "RIDER!!" The rider pulled up and begged for forgiveness to arrive unannounced but he had urgent news that needed to be shared with our king. The king was told instantly and approached the rider
"What news man? Speak up then." One word escaped the weary riders lips but it was enough
to bring our way of life into chaos for hundreds of years  to come and always brings these memories to the mind of an old man every autumn. "HUMANS!....."


  1. It is a fascinating beginning. I think it really does have potential.


  2. Wonderful writing! I like the stories beginning. I think you will have a keeper.

  3. Chilling. A good beginning for a book, methinks...


  4. Wow! A most unusual take on autumn. Well done!

  5. I can't give you an honest opinion on how this compares to other chilling books because I don't read them.

    They scare me.

    Because, yeah, I'm still 8 years old and think monsters live under my bed. Which is why, almost 50 years later, I still put my mattress and box springs directly on the floor.

    I actually started reading and stopped.

    The curse of an overactive imagination!

    But it looks like everyone that commented really liked it!

    Good for you.

    I love watching you stretch your writing wings.