Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"G" is for......

Jenny Matlock

I never thought of Growing older
I'm invincible and everything I can shoulder
Little did I know it happens to everybody
including you and even invincible me.

Waking up everyday with aches and pains
and each morning they're never the same
from my head all the way down to my toes
everyday which part will hurt no one knows.

I actually say thank you to God that i am still Growing older
for the years have taught me that I don't need to put it all my shoulders
I've learned to relax and enjoy life's simple things
like children's laughter or when a songbird sings

I'm no longer afraid of Growing old
as long as they get it right when my story's told
I will live as long as the lord will allow me too
and pass down what I've learned and all I knew.


  1. Never growing older...nope...not gonna. A little wiser would be nice though. Heehee. Another nice turn of the words from you!

  2. Don't know how "old" you are, but if you ARE old like I am, it really stares you in the face, lol! The greatest thing I discovered that the joy and zest for life is still the same (although it is a choice, like when you are young:) )

  3. Newest follower from Alphabe-Thursday. nice to meet you. I love your profile--blunt to a fault. You could be describing me, easily.
    I love this about growing older. I'm still having a hard time looking age in the face. Thanks for a gentle reminder that it's better than the alternative!

  4. Growth is the essence of life...... happy growing :D :D :D

  5. Me? I'm not as big a fan as growing older! I'd like to grow younger!

  6. Great poem! I wish I didn't identify with the first part of it as much as I do... but totally agree with your conclusions, especially the part about children's laughter becoming sweeter and sweeter.