Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"I" is for....

Jenny Matlock

My current medical condition has at times led to desperation
For I fear that i may have lost all of my life's INSPIRATION
Then I look at a child's pure and wild jubilation
then it returns with passion and invigoration

I get INSPIRED now by life's simplest things
like a bird's whistle or a church bell's booming rings
Some days it's hard for me to remember everything
Because my INSPIRATION drives me to other things

My INSPIRATION leads my minds imagination
to write or draw some new creation
Only my mind knows the confusing combination
that makes something an INSPIRATION.

I know that I have God to thank for all my INSPIRATION
for he created the world, the people and i am his creation
without him I would not have any thoughts or imagination
So thank you lord for surrounding me with all this INSPIRATION.

p.s. well i am currently between tattoo shops I have been writing two books.As some of you may know one is a book about vampires, the other is about twins separated at birth when their mother dies during delivery. My beautiful girlfriend bought me software that will type out the scribblings of both books. So as i have already shown you an excerpt from the vampire book. I was wondering if there is any interest in reading a portion of the other one? Please respond yea or nay if you feel the need to comment on poem above-thank you all Terry 


  1. Glad I stopped by! I liked this post very much! Interesting and very inspiring! Have a great week! Anne

  2. I've been thinking about what inspires me the past few days... partly attributed to my A.D.D., but my kind friends tell me it's a gift, which must mean a gift from God. I'm always grateful for that and I'll take it however I get it. I liked this post of yours...and ironically, I posted about tattoos this week...

  3. Every writers needs and values that inspiration. I hope we can all keep finding it!


  4. You know I'll read it when you're ready!

    I didn't know you were between shops. I hope that's a good thing for you. Is your health flaring up again? If so, I'm really sorry.

    They say great writing takes great pain but it's a hard road to find inspiration that way.

    Thanks for linking.


    PS. Is that your hand tattooed with the eyeball?