Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"J" is for.....

Jenny Matlock

We all want a world full of truth and JUST
We all believe in one because we must
like the sky is blue and in God we trust

The world is full of lies, deceipt, and lust
So we who believe must stand for one that's JUST
and teach our children right from wrong
to keep our beliefs both true and strong.

We can't wait for others help it is JUST us
to show the next generation what could be glorious
A world full of love and truth and things that are JUST
a world that I believe can happen because of us.


  1. Amen. So true. There's not sitting back and just watching these days, is there?!

  2. Great *J* post – such wise words!

    Look forward to *seeing* you again,

    Have a great Alphabe-Thursday

  3. I agree that we can definitely make things better. It begins with each one of us.


  4. This is so well said...

    I do find Joy in the thought that we can make a difference if we make an effort...

    Thank you for linking up to the letter "J"!

    Wonderful job,