Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"L" is for...

Jenny Matlock

As we continue on our mutual quest
to match word to letter that fits best.
A word we used to hold dear in years past
has finally come to my mind at last.

A word that once was reserved for royalty
I speak of course of the word LOYALTY.
It may mean to some of us the same
but to most tis only a word and concept lame.

Oh how I worry how times have changed
from when LOYALTY held firm when once engaged.
To now it is only used looking into one's face
well behind one's back deceit is replaced.

It all saddens heart to see the growth of our disgrace
to talk behind back of friends we call to their face.
I fear in whole for the future of the human race
for values once held dear are now erased.

Perhaps by chance my older eyes do not quite see
that there are still among us who believe in LOYALTY.
It's concept can not die if inside of you and me
LOYALTY to God, country, and Family.



  1. Loyalty is a good L word - and I am blessed to have loyal friends and family!

  2. great post and I think you're's definitely something that has fallen in value as so many other things that I still think are me old fashioned...or just old!

  3. And I would add loyalty to friends!


  4. Nice message. I am one who believes strongly in loyalty.


  5. Great write and it does seem to be a fading concept, which is so sad.

  6. This was a wonderful L post! There is certainly no loyalty in companies today or even in most people! I think the garbage people read and watch on T.V. accounts for this too! We live in such a put down society! Ack!
    The words here made me stop and think. Thank you for sharing. Come visit soon and enjoy your weekend. Anne

  7. I feel the same way about Loyalty ... i hope this post goes through, gmail hasn't been cooperating with me today!

  8. What a wonderful word for the Letter "L"...

    Love, Love, Love this...

    Thanks for Linking...

    Great job!