Thursday, February 2, 2012

"K" is for....

Jenny Matlock

In our crazy Kaleidoscope life and monkey cage of house and home
Where there is always some sort of drama and you never find yourself alone.
There is a force to be reckoned with, but never taken lightly
I speak of course of the one and only, Karma the almighty.

At times she will drive you mad, to the edge of inner rage
other times you can control her, like a whirlwind in a cage.
At times she's just too funny, to simply just ignore
and other times she's so cute, and easy to adore.

Karma has more then once has bit me, I believe only by mistake
and she has always been quick to grab whatever she can take.
For like the force she was named after, it's simple for her mood to switch
for she's only a two year old puppy who can be good,or quite the little........


  1. haha...loved it! And I thought I knew her, until the last little bit...but then I realized I still knew her. Ah, Karma, she's a komplikated girl, ain't she? And what a perfect name for a puppy!

  2. Wonderful post for the letter "K". I'm happy to be joining everyone this week.

  3. LOL, great write. She's a handful on the best of days but you gotta luv her:-)

  4. great k post Im glad I dont have a puppy I do have a two year old however

  5. Great K post. It's so much fun to discover all different kinds of blogs through Jenny's blog hop. I write a cooking blog, and it's nice to get out and read poetry and look at beautiful photos. Thanks.

  6. I crave solitude but it is hard to find around here, too.

    Between my daughter, my husband and my weiner dog someone is always here.

    Love your play on words here...Karma sounds like a handful!

    Thanks for linking up. Your facebook picture is making me laugh!