Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Q" is for...

Jenny Matlock 
So we've come once again to the letter "Q"
the QUINTESSENTIAL scrabble letter it's true it's true
It's QUIRKY, QUIET, cute, and QUAINT
So hard to use it may make you faint
So be wise while playing and hoard those "U"'s
for without hard pressed for words with "Q"'s
Remember my friends to keep your aim true
to win the game with the QUIRKY "Q"


  1. Or learn the few words that you can use it for without a U:-)

  2. Ha Ha! Scrabble you gotta hate it or love it! Terrific Q post! Happy weekened. Anne

  3. QAID (a Muslim tribal chief or senior official)
    QAIDS (plural of QAID)
    QANAT (gently sloping underground tunnel for irrigation)
    QANATS (plural of QANAT)
    QAT (leaf of the shrub Catha edulis)
    QATS (plural of QAT)
    QI (a circulating life energy in Chinese philosophy)
    QIS (plural of QI)
    QINDAR (Albanian currency, variation of QINTAR)
    QINDARKA (plural of QINDAR)
    QINDARS (plural of QINDAR)
    QINTAR (Albanian currency)
    QINTARS (plural of QINTAR)
    QIVIUT (musk-ox wool)
    QIVIUTS (plural of QIVIUT)
    QOPH (19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet)
    QOPHS (plural of QOPH)
    QWERTY (the traditional configuration of computer keyboard keys)
    QWERTYS (plural of QWERTY)
    SHEQALIM (plural of SHEQEL)
    SHEQEL (any of several ancient units of weight)
    TRANQ (sedative)
    TRANQS (plural of TRANQ)
    UMIAQ (type of eskimo boat)
    UMIAQS (plural of UMIAQ)

    Love the poem...and the game. Have fun!!

  4. Ah, I'd love to sit and play a good game of scrabble! great poem and love your place... come visit me and answer a few questions please! ;)

  5. What a wonderful post!!! i get stuck with "Q's" all of the time!!!

  6. You. Are. So. Qute!

    I loved this.

    And it's probably why I lose at Scrabble. I need to work on my 'U' hoarding skills!

    Quite a clever little poem you shared here.

    Thank you.