Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"L" is for Loyalty

Jenny Matlock

This poem is dedicated first and foremost to God, whose faith in me never wavered even when mine in him my have. Also to the health care professionals who do a phenomenal job, even with a stubborn crabby patient like me.Finally it goes out to my family and friends (my chosen family) whose loyalty to me never faltered and are the reason I'll keep swinging to keep "the monster" back. The leukemia is in remission because WE beat it into it, I could have NEVER done this alone and I love and thank you ALL for it.
Now onto the poem, hope you like it....

Whether you're new to my life
or have been here from the beginning
I thank you all for the loyalty you showed
for helping me in the fight and winning

You are the reason I kept my head down
and kept right on swinging
To keep me from giving up
or hear the death noll ringing

I should have died a hundred times
and left the world and family behind
but you never let me quit or lie down and give in
you gave me the the reason to stand up and fight and keep on living

your love and prayers continue to amaze me
and lift me up
and your very visage was enough
to keep me from giving up

Your unabashed loyalty to me
is really quite outstanding
thank you for standing with me
as my body and soul took a pounding

WE beat this monster
as my faith said we would
and I can't thank you enough
for doing all you could

whether blood related
or chosen friends
I won't forget a one of you
until at last my eventual end

You have renewed in me
a new look at life
and my smile is back
even through everyday strife

I say thank you thank you thank you
to God, the doctors, family and friends both old and new
for putting petty shit behind
and helping this scattered soul get through

I am grateful and amazed
at the loyalty
that you all showed
a poor schmuck like me.



  1. Boy can I relate....
    Thanks for an awesome post this week.

  2. It was a long haul but you handled it well and had so many rooting for you:-) You are definitely loved!

  3. I'm new and just looking in but glad you are a fighter with faith that God gives you to keep strong in the battle....

  4. I'm new to your blog, but I'm very happy for you. That's a hard road to travel.


  5. U understand how the loyalty and love of friends and family give you strength to fight a hard battle. Keep on going on...

  6. beautiful,
    loyalty is important,

  7. What a hard road you've been on. I'm glad you have had loyal people standing beside you.

    Keep going. It looks like you're on a good path now.

    Sorry I'm so late this week. Horrid (ongoing) computer issues!

    I didn't want to miss what you had to share, though!

    Thanks for linking.