Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"O" isfor Othello

Jenny Matlock
Othello was a mighty fine fellow
who graced one of Billy Shakes plays
Although being a mighty fine fellow
he was quite controversial for back in the day

For Othello was a moor and not the royal rich white man
 who usually graced the queens stage
So both he and William Shakespeare were characters
quite ahead of their own age

How dare poor Billy write a black man
as the lead of one of his plays
For only the rich powerful and white man
 ever did act way back in his day

I'm sure old William and I
would have got along quite well
Oh, for I can only imagine
the stories we'd tell

Of how just to mess with the crown
and all the royal family
he would write characters for
women and minorities

Oh how we would laugh
at the preposterous of it all
How many rich white men would dress
in drag just to fill a hall

Whether he knew or not how his
plays would still affect
the way the world works
and its very dialect

I'm sure Billy Shakes
is laughing in his grave
at the jokes he played
when he wrote his plays 


  1. Great choice for the Letter O. Have a great week!

  2. I love this! Othello is may favorite of Billy's plays!


  3. My middle is a lit major in college. She loves Shakespeare no matter what! I like the way you wrote this [ost. Creative! Hugs Anne

    P.S. I am new following you!

  4. I love this - SOoooo clever! Othello is one of my favourite plays too!

  5. What a clever tribute to Billy and his work.

  6. I'll bet Billy would be proud of this tribute!!!

  7. This is such fun! Bet Billy would love it.

  8. I always love reading your clever posts!

  9. Darn!

    I wish I would have read your version of Othello back in the day!

    It migh have helped me stay awake in class!

    This was outstanding.

    Loved it!

    Thanks for sharing your great wit and humor with us.