Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"N" is for never

Jenny Matlock
Today's word is never, actually the little word is probably most clever
because although we all use it constantly, Its existence relys on its inconsistency.
I used to say that I'd NEVER have kids
now I'm proud father to all three
I used to say true love was NEVER meant for me
but then I reunited with Melanie
I used to think I'd NEVER get sick
but now I'm cancer-free
I used to think a real job is NEVER going to be
now I tattoo daily, and happily
So now I say NEVER with a sly wink
because the future is NEVER what we think
for the only constant NEVER is NEVER ever going to happen
just when we think we have HIS plan figured, it changes and he starts laughing.


  1. I love this! Really good writing. Yes, never is a word that I try really hard to NEVER say, since it has a tendency to bite you in the butt.

  2. Love it... I know I use it a lot but you are right there really isn't a such thing as never:-)

  3. That's very good and I love the way you changed the rhyming pattern at the end, illustrating your point perfectly

  4. What a wonderful poem! You filled it with so many lessons learned.

  5. Excellent post that reminds us in the words of Ian Fleming - Never say Never!

  6. How thought provoking and true of the word "never". I liked reading it.

  7. I enjoyed the wisdom of your experience in this N post.

    My father used to say, "Never say "always" or "never" and you'll almost always be right."

  8. I love this post! I too used to say "never" to having kids...Now I have 5!

  9. Well I can attest to the "Never say Never" advice. I said I would never marry again and here I am on husband number two and we have been together over twenty`five years. So never say never cause you never know how things will turn out!~Ames

  10. Insightful words indeed.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. I really enjoyed's so true.

    I went back and tried to play catch up. I guess your leukemia is in remission? I hope so anyway. Did you have a stem cell transplant? My son just had one in March for relapsed Hodgkin's. I NEVER thought one of my kids would be battling cancer. I always assumed it would be one of us, but you just NEVER know.

  12. What a wonderful, clever poem!


  13. Wonderful and your poem on never!
    And so good to hear that you are cancer-free...our son is also blessed and healthy and it is oh so wonderful to say that challenging time in his life is of the past...

    Blessings & Aloha!
    ...having fun catching up on some blog reading! If you get a chance to stop by...please leave a comment so that I know you were there :o)

  14. I guess the old say, 'never say never' is not an easy thing to follow. I must have say never a million times and then found out, I have to take my words back.

    thanks for sharing, have a sweet day.

  15. My Grandmother always told me 'never say never' and she was right.

    Sometimes I think bad times will 'never' end, and one day you wake up and find yourself on the far side of them.

    I'm glad you never gave up trying to find your life.

    Hooray for you!

    Thanks for sharing your joys!