Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"M" is for Melanie

Jenny Matlock

Holy crap!! The day is finally here!!
The day I get to write about the person I hold most dear.
This won't be random word choice or clever turns of a phrase
for she brings peace into my nights and brightens all of my days.
I'd like to run the gambit of old sayings and overused cliches
but realize so many songs convey exactly what i want to say
So indulge me my own private word game
as I list songs that remind me of her by name.

M- my girl
E- every breath you take
L- love you I do
A- always and forever
N- never could say goodbye
I- I'll be loving you forever
E- every little thing you do is magic

These songs can speak to me on so many levels
both body and soul
I hope to write one day with the same intended goal
that you read the words from the man who loves you completely
and that you realize that not only did you save me, you complete me


  1. You are both blessed to have found one another.

  2. AW! What a sweet poem, you old softy, you!

  3. Awww that is so sweet!~Ames

  4. How sweet!

    It's always rewarding when you have completeness in love.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. So sweet. You put up with all the crazy for close to 2 years so here's to hoping the next few are even better! Love you too<3

  6. This is so sweet. I'm going to go smack my husband in the head now, though. He needs to write my lovely poetry, too.



    I suspect your M, isn't a head smacker. That's probably why you write her such marvelous poetry.

    Thanks for a sweet link this week. I think all of us women who don't have guys writing poetry to us are pretty envious!