Thursday, September 22, 2011

"W" is for ....

Jenny Matlock

Whatever is clever! Whatever floats your boat?
I use to hear these sayings and my heart would sink not float.
I use to think it meant you were all done talking with nothing more to say
and out of clever comebacks and out of vocabulary

But now I realize you were just trying to be nice
so you didnt need to repeat yourself for those who needed to be told twice
Which makes me think that I"m the stupid one
because I hear these sayings everyday and not just only once

I thought I did ok with conversations and filled them with witt and charm
but in reality I guess that they were pithy and did less good then harm
Oh well I guess that I'll keep trying to keep up with conversations
with "whatever is clever" insice my head for reservation


  1. I heard a song somewhere that has the line "whatever floats your boat and finds your lost remote". I think of that any time I hear the expression.

  2. And, whatever rocks your socks...whatever flips your pancake...whatever melts your butter... whatever teeters your totter...whater bakes your cake...whatever tickles your fancy...whatever razzles your berries...whatever milks your goat...whatever lights your candle...whatever? There are a lot of them, huh? =D

  3. Loved this!

    We might be related! Sometimes I hear this phrases and take them the wrong way, too.

    But you're right...usually if someone is taking the time to utter them...they mean them!

    Thanks for a wonderful link this week.