Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"X" is for............

Jenny Matlock
"X marks the spot."
What an innocuous statement right? WRONG!
It marks THE spot?!?! That's a lot of pressure on two intersecting
lines. It doesn't say X marks a spot or X marks random spots, it says THE spot.
What's at said spot? Is it the spot for everyone or just the person who
chose to put an X there? I choose to think it's the latter or all the X's would be in one spot.
THE spot, wow it sends a brain swimming! I want to go to THE spot,but then again I have two
X's and neither are where I'd like to be. THE spot not a bad gig for our little letter friend,
whose only other claim is racking up points in scrabble, and let's face it Q still rules in that game.
Q doesn't mark THE spot though, that's all X's gig. You go X, you mark THE spot. We
will all stand in awe of your prestigious position and give thanks for your sense of honor
and commitment to your duty.
Thank you X Thank you


  1. Funny too!...gr8 "X",I agree,some "x" we don't want to mark the spot, some "x" we would rather just forget all together,teeehehehe.

  2. This post was such fun to read! Thank you!

  3. This is so funny :) Never thought about the "the" in "X marks the spot". I can see why there's so much pressure on that one 'X'! Imagine how embarrassing it must be if the spot is off by a few inches!