Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Warrior's Cry- TCK 10/11

Have you ever heard a warrior cry?

I did the the other day

when my father called to say

that my grandma may soon pass away.

It wasn't a full blown tear

or even a hitch or sob

but enough of a pause

to do it's intended job.

The toughest man I've ever known

had finally let his emotion shown

and made his warrior son a little more grown

as I found the need to grieve on my own

I know she is in a better place

and smiling into her true loves face

but still I wish she had more time down here

to be loved by those of us who held her dear

I now know that warriors cry

because I cried until my eyes were dry

It's ok to let emotions show

and I know she's forever in her savior's glow

So as we move on here down below

we will all remember and all will know

that when you hear a warrior cry

they're secure in their emotions and that is why

This poem is dedicated to my father, the toughest warrior I've ever known and my grandma (my she rest in peace) for making him the great man I know and love.


  1. A beautiful heartfelt poem!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. A special tribute to two very dear people in your life.