Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"A" is for....

Jenny Matlock
As we began Again we stand at the Apex of something new
Another round of the Alphabet to rhyme my way through
I like to the think of the challenge and that I'm up for it
to bring All new poems with clever wordplay and wit
I guess we will All just have to wait and see
if my mind has enough verses inside of me
to get through them All from A to z
without repeating anything
so here's to us one and All
to succeed and not fall.


  1. Great Start! And you're right, it's a challenge not to repeat anything on this new A to Z round!

  2. I love the shape of this poem as much as the words!

  3. Good luck, we will all follow you. Great A words

  4. Good luck to you and to me too...I know I'll need it, for sure!

  5. I really enjoyed this. I think all the Matlockians are up for the challenge.

  6. AWWW HA HA HA HA! Amazingly witty! Can't wait to read more...

  7. I'm putting my money on you!

    (no problem)


  8. Well, you certainly have gotten off on the right foot. I have faith in you. xo

  9. Hooray! An alphabet full of poetry by you! Lucky us!

    You can do it!

    And to start you off, how about a big, fat A+?