Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Brothers(by choice) Love


A Brothers(by choice) Love

As my brother from another mother is brought home today
to at last his final resting place
I choose to not be saddened by the loss but
remember the smiles he brought onto my face

I choose not to think about the sad
and quickened end
but instead remember the twenty plus years
I got to have him as a friend

I will remember fondly all of our adventures
of the past
and pray that you have finally found the peace
you sought so long at last

for on this day the good lord brings
another soldier home
to stand proudly among the ranks
around him as sits upon his throne

You will be missed my brother and
I wish that you were still here
to laugh or tell a story or even
just to have another beer

But I know you are at peace and even now
looking down from up above
at those that you held dear with your
unrelenting love

Remember though my brother someday
we will all be called back home again
and when I do I feel sorry for the lord
to have us both up there with him

For now I'll smile as I look up and think
of you my friend
because my love for you my brother
will never ever end
I wrote this poem a little over a year ago after a very close friend of mine committed suicide, it was and still is impossible for me to read it  without crying like a baby.It was also nearly impossible for me to even finish writing it,but as the anniversary of his death approaches, I am moved by the spirit of his people. You see Von was native American and they are going to throw a celebration of his life rather than be sad(which inside I know they still are) they choose to remember the positives of the man and I am proud to say they'veinvited me to join in the festivities which I fully intend to do for the man,my friend, and my brother, not by blood but because we chose to be- thank you

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  1. What a poignant and beautiful poem. I went to a suicide support group a few times and it ended up helping with the guilt I think we often feel in this situation. I don't know if it will help.

    This was really heart-wrenching.

    Did I offend you for Alphabe-Thursday? I'm not all thin-skinned and everything, I just didn't want you to feel unwelcomed there.