Thursday, April 28, 2011

From Angel's wings

From Angel's Wings

As a youngster I'd stare up at starry nights
and wonder what were those heavenly lights
and how dare that they look down at me
and just what city and from where could they be?

As I grew older I learned they're not from here
but up in the galaxy and nowhere near
to myself, my friends, and those I love
but up in the sky high high above.

Then one day at church I once was told
that they're not stars at all, but the twinkle of gold
from angels wings as they unfold
to keep a watchful eye on us below.

As I grew older, still I'd often ponder
just how far from home, that I could wander
and still look up to the sky and see
Those wondrous lights looking down at me.

I traveled the world, both near and far
and wherever I looked up, there were the stars
and now I know, however far I roam
all I need is to look up, and feel at home.

I thank that person, from so long ago
that told me stars, were the angels glow
because I still like to believe, I know
that God has eyes on me, wherever I go.

1 comment:

  1. I think he might. I think we just forget when we get caught in the nightmares that happen in real life sometime. Keep watching the stars and one day I hope you find comfort there.