Wednesday, April 27, 2011



by Terry C. Krueger on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 3:34pm

This will not be a poem today,just a note wrote by one real man about/to another. So if you were hoping for a whimsical display of clever wordplay you'll need to wait another day.My best friend has held that position for close to 25 years now;and held it with dignity, pride and loyalty, which considering the other half of the equation could not have been easy. Hell I had it easy, he's the most honest, caring, and loyal to his real friends as a man can be, it's easy to be his best friend. I am proud to say he is mine and prouder still he considers me his. I found out today that he is being deployed to Japan for a month starting next week to help with disaster relief,i I suppose, and he will go without question because of loyalty to his country. He's shown that loyalty time and time again by proudly serving in our military for the past 21 years. Please let's all pray for a safe trip and to get him and ALL or troops and sailors home quickly and safely.
There's an old naval tradition/superstition that if you get a nautical star tattooed on you,you'll always find your way home. Well my brother since we haven't got one on you yet, you can borrow one of mine to bring you home to your family and friends where you belong. I'll be here if your family needs ANYTHING at all,no need to even ask.We've been through a war,3 divorces,total of 7 kids twenty years of ups and downs and worse of all High School together.I'd gladly go with you if the navy asked(and paid my way lol),but I'll stay here and help keep the home fires burning as they say. I love you my friend,my brother and truly one of the people who make me a better me. Safe journey and speedy return .
proud to be your best friend- Terry


  1. He is very lucky to have you for a friend & we are lucky he's willing to do what he does!

  2. Friendship transcends all distance. I admire anyone who listens to a call for service. Will keep your friend in my prayers.