Sunday, April 24, 2011

My 1st attempt (revisited)

Some of you my have seen for a few days I had a blog with literally nothing wrote in it. Let's chalk it up to complete user error I'm a tattoo gut who happens to write a lot mostly poems, but occasionally I've been known to spin a good yarn if given the time. So with that being said we"ll pretend that mysterious empty blog never happened. My girlfriend says there are assigned things to write about and once I'm more familiar with the blogosphere I will soon be joining some of those groups. For now I think I'll stick to introductions and getting to know yous. I'm one of those crazy bastards that chooses to live in a cold state and reserves the right to bitch about it. I'm almost 40 been through hell and high water to make it this far including 2 divorces, multiple career paths and even leukemia, so I think god has a plan for me, unless I'm the longest running sit-com in heaven (which would NOT be cool). I'm at the point in my life where I can say I'm happy I have great kids, a job I love and get to spend everyday with the love of my life, what more is there in life really than love and understanding. I have self diagnosed adult onset a d d in high definition so sometimes these blogs will be a little bit of a wild ride, but then so is life, and you can either hold on, enjoy and scream for all you're worth, or plant your butt to your favorite piece of furniture until you and it fuse together like some human/ lazy boy hybrid. I will try my best not to bore to many of you and not offend all of you no promises being former sailor and prison guard some stuff may rear it's ugly head so think that's about it for my 1st attempt hopefully many more to follow thanks


  1. I look forward to the ride:-) Glad you decided to make a home for your writing!

  2. I am your newest follower. You will meet a lot of creative people from different walks of life out there that love to write about many differant things, and you may find that you share the same interest. Welcome to bloggy world and have fun. See ya around!~Ames

  3. I often feel the telling starts the healing of so many things.

    My blog is pretty light and fluffy...a steam of consciousness blog that helps me focus on the light instead of the dark.

    Approaching 60 and living a life filled with blackness, makes me appreciate the sun and the stars.

    I think you do have to write your dark, though. Without that there is never enough space in your soul for the light to filter in.

    Good luck on your journey.