Sunday, April 24, 2011


Jenny Matlock

A is for aspirations. When I was younger I had huge aspirations to become any and everything I wanted to be. I wanted to be a rock star, an astronaut, a cartoonist, a chef and so so much more. As I grew older I learned that aspirations sometimes led to desperation and there was no way in heaven or hell I could be ALL those things, let alone all at once. Then older still my aspirations turned to other things; toward love, the pursuit of it and the fairer sex. Again with those aspirations came even more desperation as I learned that not all is fair in love or war contrary to popular vernacular. Growing older still I've learned that aspirations have no need for lofty heights or extreme results.Now my aspirations are simple some would say, but I personally wouldn't want them any other way. The love of a good woman and family and friends,will carry my out through my days end. A job I enjoy everyday, makes it not what you'd call work but most would call play. Watching my sons grow into good men gives me hope that all is not lost on our next generation.these are all that I aspire too now in life, much simpler things than when I was just a tyke.


  1. It's like life and age just simplify all your hopes and dreams. That's both good & bad I guess:-) Stop in & read Defected Mansion

  2. A very moving post! You sound like a very admirable man and a positive role model for your sons.Bravo on your A post!~Ames

  3. Was this linked? I am intriqued by your comments to other on A-T so I came back to read more of your blog. I didn't see this linked and I'm sorry I missed it.

    Your writing has such a strong soul-searching quality to it. I've been thinking along these lines lately myself...this isn't what I thought life would be...sometimes I find myself oddly comfortable and other times I find myself wondering how I ended up here.

    Finding definition through someone elses eyes, has always been a precarious perch for me. It sounds like you might be on a similar journey. I'm glad I caught this post.