Sunday, April 24, 2011

Punching at Ghosts

Punching at Ghosts
TCK 2/11

The monster that affects all of us

Has hit my inner soul like the cross town bus.

This disease does not only take out the person inflicted

But friends and families are also affected.

I am so used to handling things in a more physical way

The idea is crazy that I can’t just push this out of my way.

It’s like punching at ghosts or wrestling a spirit

Just when I believe it’s in my grasp I realize I’m nowhere near it.

The monster does not feel emotions thoughts or pain

But tears apart families like a runaway train.

If only there was a way to make it a physical manifestation

Then for those of us in the fight we’d know when we reached our destination.

It would be much simpler then punching at ghosts

While inside the demon feeds on the emotions of the host.

I’d like to be able to punch this disease square in the face

Knock it down to its knees and teach it its place.

But there’s no physical element for me to touch

Let alone a demons face for me to punch.

There are days I fear it will take my mind

And I will be in this funk all of the time.

But I remember all the people who I hold dear

And it fills me with hope and wipes away the fear.

So for now I’ll remember well, the loved ones lost

And the ones still fighting the monster at any cost.

I will stand ever vigilant at my chosen post

And for now I’ll keep swinging at those damn ghosts.


  1. I'd like to punch the monster too! I've lost a niece because of the monster and my husband is fighting his monster now. All I can do is fight right along side him. At least my strength and support can make his monster wish he'd picked somebody else!!~Ames

  2. Awwww...monsters. How they torment our lives. Keep fighting, Terry. These are the battles that you have to wage for your children and your soul.

    Sending a prayer your way.

  3. the monster, in this case is leukemia for me but cancer overall,I belong to a lymphoma,leukemia,mylenoma support group that meets once a month 1st tues in St. Paul anyone affected by these diseases are welcome to attend. I wrote it not only for the fighters like me but thesurvivors and the warriors lost. I'm glad it moved you both as it did.