Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"H" is for the Happy.....

Jenny Matlock

This is the fantastic story of a local icon of sorts
she's seen a lot of seamen and used even more ports
                                    It's a little bit of a drive, but she is still quite a good looker
I speak of course of Duluth's one and only Happy Hooker.

She'll take on men or women, either way is just fine
and it's always guaranteed to be an extremely good time
she'll give quite a ride,one like you've never before seen
and she loves to do big groups, if you know what I mean.

Now don't you worry about the things that you see
all implements of the trade that's made her adored by me
the poles,and rope, and hooks and ties
by the end of the ride,you won't even mind the flies.

Now she maybe getting older,and smell a wee bit like fish
but she's been at this awhile, granting many a young man's wish
she may have a few cracks on the surface, but I know she'll still float
for you see, dear readers, the Happy Hookers just a fishing boat


  1. How cute! It reminds me of the type of stories my uncle writes.


  2. charming, it gives me a chuckle. I suppose one's mine will always veer towards the familiar.

  3. You had me wondering for a while. Very well done and I love the name Happy Hookers for a fishing boat.

  4. Nice, now I know why you like Duluth so much.... LOL Great & witty write:-)

  5. I began by being amused, then my amusement turned to discomfort, and finally a grin and relief as I realized this was not quite so prurient as I was beginning to think!


  6. Hahahaha! An excellent post!!

  7. What a funny link! Thanks for the smile. I love the way you walk out to the edge and then pull back...just a little!

    Thanks for sharing this week. I enjoyed this.


    PS. Hope the job is continuing to go well for you!