Monday, June 13, 2011

voices(inside and out?)

I'm a sadistic masochistic eccentric
chauvinistic son of a bitch
Who can't find his insane brains mainframe
or a functioning facade of an on/off switch

I'm a demonic soulless sociopath creation
hellbent on a chaotic and random demonstration
of my own fucking frustrations

Content to commiserate in my own minds madness
forever silly and sublime in my own souls sadness
forced to endure the wacky wallowing that's become my life
until the bittersweet blackness comes to end the endless strife

My inner child has disturbing taste
that go far beyond crayons or school paste
they scare even me,a man not scared so easily
now how to go about exercising this part of me

I wish everyday to have peace and calm
but cant see it happening with all this going on
the inner turmoil between artist and action
leaves my soul without peaceful satisfaction

Only I will ever be able to figure all this out
whether through silent expression or violent shout
I pray someday I will again feel whole
until then I guess at least I have a goal

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