Thursday, June 2, 2011


Before you read this missive here is a warning it is written by an ADULT FOR ADULTS! IT is not intended for children.
I'm not responsible for what your kids read on the Internet, YOU ARE!! Don't let them read this if you don't want them too.
If my notes or attitude or general lack of give a flying fuck bother you ,delete me. I have friends in the real world who know exactly how I am,I'll be fine. So for the rest of you here goes.....
It seems if some others are hell bent to ignite my violence
which is fine,but don't cry as I sit in the aftermath's silence
because there is no chance of me shedding a single tear
as I introduce your entire family to it's most inner fear
A man with nothing left to loose
how you leave this world is mine to choose
It could be quick and clean,but snakes like you don't deserve
instead you'll get the full pent up rage I have in reserve
I will make you watch the loved ones you hold dear
with tears in their eyes with a look way beyond fear
my knife cuts quick,but so slow I will go
so the pain your punk ass feels is like none you'll ever know
 Then with you I will take as long as I care to
for their be no family left to come take care of you
we will get to know each other so intimately
even in hell your soul will never be able to forget me
So remember before you run your fucking mouth about a guy you barely know
make sure he's not a sociopath who enjoys a big house fires glow
and shut it quick and keep my name out your mouth
before the life you hold dear goes forever south.

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  1. Oh man. I'm sorry you're in so much pain. What a heroic battle you continue to fight in your everyday life. Does it help to write this? I tend to want to break things when I'm really angry. I used to keep a stack of plates from garage sales handy for just that purpose.