Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"I" is for Icarus

Jenny Matlock

Icarus was a Greek filled with self assurance and very vain
who thought himself a god and could never imagine himself in pain
He fashioned himself wings to take flight and soar
like the gods of olden days had done so in the days of yore 

But Icarus was not a god, but simply a  very vain man
who the gods looked down upon and fashioned their own plan
for as Icarus flew to close to the sun
his wings burned off and singed his bum 

As he fell to earth he realised his own folly
that to be a god is a birthright not a calling
that his downfall was his own vanity
too late he saw to save his own sanity

He died as he lived thinking only of self
looking like a child's toy thrown off a shelf
finally learning the lesson so many have learned
if you fly to close to the sun you are bound to be burned


  1. So many lessons to be learned from those Greeks! I do love the singed his bum line and the whole last stanza is pretty great:-)

  2. Well written! Sadly there are quite a few men AND women like Icarus! Will they all get burned?

  3. Very interesting!!!! Love the stories from the Greeks. Very well written!!

  4. This is a very timely piece. Well written!!!

  5. I wonder if Icarus's intelligents has been overtaken by his own ego. He was smart enough to make wings but not smart enough to think of the consequences. Lesson learned too late, I suppose.

    I enjoy reading this. Thanks for sharing & have a lovely day.

  6. Lots of people getting burned these days.


  7. Oh wow, this is very informative. Actually, there are Icasus in these time and age... thanks for sharing! :)

  8. I like the idea of Icarus looking like a toy thrown off a shelf! (By the way, I've never 'met' a tatoo artist before.)

  9. Truly a wonderful tale and a great topic for Alphabe-Thursday!


  10. What a brilliant poem! I love it!

  11. This was a really intelligent and emotion filled poem.

    I used to be so intriqued with Icarus. Haven't thought about the story in years...thanks for a thought provoking and thoughtful link this week.

    I enjoyed this.