Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Going Insane or Just Another Extra Ordinary Day?

Woke up this morning feeling ok but a little frayed       

Like a sock monkey with which has been overplayed.

Strings askew and ends poking out from all directions

With demons claws reaching out, for their own piece of distraction.

Each paw pulling away at its own goal

Never mind that they are unraveling me whole.

For soon there will be no more string to pull

And I will be nothing more then an empty hole.

Where once stood a man who to all the world in control

There now is just a man who longs again to be whole.

Who feels as if I have juggled a million things

To maintain a semblance of the reality of which I dream.

As I stand still in what feels like suspended animation

It’s all I can do to watch the demons domination.

They pull and pull until there is nothing left

Then fight with the others to get a piece of the rest.

“STOP IT!” I scream but to no ones ears my cries land

For I am just a man standing in my own homemade wasteland.

It is wholly solely completely mine alone to make

And mine alone to will my own escape.

I wake again in a pool of my own sweat and tears

And realize it was just another dream full of other fears.

I know that deep down this disease is inside my brain

Dancing around and around and having its way.

But someday I will reclaim what has always been mine

And the disease will cease to do what it wants all the time.

I’ll free myself from this burden and go back to my extra ordinary days.

Where my body my soul and my mind are mine to do as I say.



  1. I'm glad you write to let these emotions out. All worn out & tattered or not, you will always be my favorite monkey and I will always be there to help you through things:-)

  2. Keep writing, it becomes a healing process. The image of the sock monkey unraveling is very clever.

  3. Wow, sounds like you're suffering from major burnout - too many obligations and bruised emotions. I say we take sock monkey and wrap him lovingly in a blanket and give him a weekend all to himself where he can heal and begin to be restored. Yup, this is "Heal sock monkey weekend!" Take care and keep writing!

  4. What a delightful sock monkey! I love the whole metaphoric comparison you have used in this piece.

  5. I've never heard a sock monkey sound so terrifying before. Whatever demons are attacking, it's always good to get them out on paper (or internetland!) There are hundred of us out here who will support and protect Mr. Monkey! Hang in there!

  6. whew...you have been through the mill eh? the sock monkey does make for a great metaphor...and i hope that life settles a bit for you...