Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Me Myself and I

Noticed that I put very short description of me, in the about me section of the profile
when in fact that description barely covers the road I've traveled,hell it barely covers a mile.
They say you can never truly know someone , until you've walked a mile in their shoes
and I wouldn't wish that hellish walk on anyone,especially someone I barely knew.

I'm the loyal patriotic son of a patriots son and so on and so on it goes
When our country called when answered like men,not to be made into heroes. 
We did what was asked of us and our buddies, and never needed to be twice told
we didn't do to make CNN or write a book or any extra pieces of silver or gold.

I did my job like I had been taught through generation to generation
 I hold my head high as I walk the streets, knowing I helped protect this great nation.
Others still stand and fight for God, Family, and Country
and I'd still stand out there with them if this old body would let me.

I know I speak for my father, as I'm confident he'd be right at my side
and the ghost of generations past would be behind us, standing with pride.
I hope I've instilled in my sons the feeling of honor and duty without question
that if the nations calls out for help they all will be there running no stop or no resting.

I will post more bits and pieces about me as we move on this adventure
and I think you'll be happy to not be the one wearing the shoes to get there.

thank you and extra special thank you to ALL service men and women past present and future.


  1. I am thankful for those who serve too.

  2. Thank you for serving our great country! Blessings!~Ames