Wednesday, May 4, 2011

C is for constructive criticism

C is for constructive criticism

Jenny Matlock

See I'm usually not a blog writer, and have never claimed to be
I'm usually more of a poem writer, where I fit more comfortably.
I love the way a poem can cause a complete range of mixed emotions
same exact words, causing individual soul commotions.

Poems are meant, more for the reader, then the writer
whether it brings them somewhere dark, or to somewhere brighter.
There will always be critics, and those who absolutely love it
that's the beauty of the poem, it gives you an opinion,and the right to show it.

I know that sometimes my diction isn't perfect, and that the rhyme may falter
that's another beauty about the poem, it is the imperfect perfect alter.
So be a critic if you must, but try and be spontaneous or creative
because critics of the world, are only seeing things through eyes sedated.

They've never had an honest, or real emotional connection
that's why they choose to go through life just looking for the correction.
Constructive criticism is something we all must take from time to time
but if you're always the one with something to say, it might be time to look inside.

To see that even the perfect critic has some lines that are starting to show
but don't you dare, ever let another take away your glow.
Be happy to be you, and happy with your life
that's how I dealt with all the critics, who've hounded me through out my strife.

I hold my bald head up proud, look you in the eye and say
my life may not be perfect, but I wouldn't want it any other way.


  1. I apologize for double title and the blank posting a couple ahead of actually blog I'm new and I draw pretty pleas be patient with me as I fumble through this For a few more times I promised an enjoyable ride and I laugh at myself more then anyone else mostly 'cuz I think I'm hilrarious.

  2. You wrote the Perfect poetry...of how we should take
    whatever criticism fall in the wake...
    be it positive or negative, but if received...
    taken as believed...
    to be the best action.
    Taken in satisfaction.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  3. Sounds like you feel glad to be yourself and that's perfect! I disagree that poetry is meant MORE for the reader than the writer though. I believe that poetry often reveals truths to the writer that he/she might otherwise not admit. Poetry is for both the reader AND the writer.

    Keep on writing!

  4. You made some very good points with that poem and I had to smile when I read the last line.

    Welcome to the world of blogging.

  5. I too think poems are for both the writer and the reader but other than that I whole heartedly agree! Good or bad all criticism is good in one way or another, it either assists you in becoming a better person or seeing what kind of person you don't want to be;-) Stop in & read C is for Counterfeit

  6. I think that poems are for the writer. It is the duty of the reader to figure out just what the writer is trying to portray! If he gets it, then more's the better. If not, well too bad! This is a most interesting blog, and I will be back for more!!!

  7. Hi! I came across the broken link and fixed it and then found your second link and deleted it. If you have problems, just send me the link number and I can go into the control panel. It's funny how you have a double title there, too. The one goes to a dead link...strange. Anyway, I'm always glad to help. Comment about your post follows!

  8. I think sometimes the fear in writing is the 'standing naked in a crowd' kind of emotion that it evokes.

    Your words and emotions are true for you and that's all that counts. Criticism can be such a destructive tool when we feel our words so deeply. I think a lot of famous writers and poets have that same thing going on based on autobiographies that I've read.

    For me somedays the trick is writing with my eyes and heart wide open and my ears held shut...(try typing like that, though, ha!)

    I feel the emotion in all your writing...and isn't that really what great writing does?

    I admire your courage in sharing you heart!

    Thanks for linking.


  9. YaY to not wanting it any other way! "Imperfect perfect alter"... nice use of words... and all round enjoyable contribution to the meme.

  10. bravo.

    powerful C words/phrases.
    well done.

  11. I was rappin this in my head when I was reading it. This was great!~Ames

  12. I do agree that the poem is originally for the writer ,but once its out there its all reader. Ames it's funny that is not and certainly not the last you'll find yourself doing that I get told that a lot. might be the eastside in me.

  13. I found this poem to be a bit wishy-washy.

    Snort, just kidding--it was great and you're absolutely right! Sometimes, you just have to enjoy the experience without over-thinking it!

    Great post!