Sunday, May 29, 2011

happy memorial day

As the weekend comes and Memorial Day celebrations start
We must remember fondly those we held dearly in our hearts
Summers coming,the season has started its slow continued change
But in our souls and minds the songs will always stay the same

We wish for nothing more then to hold our families and our friends
until after the weather changes and beyond when the summer ends
We want to have every moment with them for as long as we are able
from early morning breakfasts in bed to late night dinners at the dinner table

We all remember fondly the sorted stories from our past
of quick summer romances to friendships that still last
We wish for nothing more then a continued contented joy
from every man and every woman to every girl and every boy

I wish for all of you a safe and love filled holiday
and for those of you that have passed I say a prayer everyday
May God bless you and keep you, until we are all together once again
and in our hearts and minds you will always fondly forever still remain