Wednesday, May 25, 2011

F is for .........(hehehe)

Jenny Matlock

Well we all know the word that I'd like to say
but this exercise is PG so by the rules I'll play
even though the word is useful in so many ways
you can put it in any sentence and it will stay.

Now this word is strictly for adults to use
even though the children are prone to abuse
it still has it place and need in our world
whether it is used by a boy or a girl.

If you are still confused on the word
I guarantee its definitely one you've heard
I would gladly tell you but in life we must abide the rules
so for now I'll leave some of you still lost and confused.


  1. Oh, yes! The dreaded "F" word! I have been known to use it on occasion. Oh, o.k.! Every day!!!

    Now go read my offering for Alphabe-Thursday!!

  2. O.k., I'm back again! I couldn't find your f****** post on Jenny's blog, so I'm thinking you have not linked up. First you have to download the Linky tool. It's free! After you have done that, go down the list of entries to where it says "You're next" and it will tell you where to click to link up. Then you fill in the title of your post, and below that it will ask for your url. In your own blog, if you click on the title of your post, up at the top of your screen where the orange and white B is, you will find exactly what you are supposed to enter. Paste that into the space provided for your url, and click enter. Then you will be linked to Jenny's blog. Please read as many of the other entries that you can. If you do, chances are you just might find some followers.
    Hmmm! I see you don't currently have any, so I will try to be the FIRST!!

    Good luck!!

  3. I fixed your link! I knew this was you, though. You crack me up! I wonder why your followers aren't showing up. I know Ames and I both signed up some time back!

    Thanks for the chuckle today. I always love people that walk right to the edge of the cliff and taunt!

    You're a nut. Hope your new job is working out great, too!

    Thanks for the funny link this week.