Friday, May 6, 2011


I worry sometimes that I'm never going to be
the whole complete man that I used to be
and that you all will soon forget the old version of me
when you see the man that I've come to be

I worry loved ones may choose to leave
because of the stress brought on by them by me
I hate feeling like a burden to friends and family
and am scared that they'll leave because of me

Everyday I wake up hoping it was all just a dream
but reality kicks in and it is all as it seems
This disease is starting to pull my brain apart at the seems
and it was already fragile so if it breaks what does that mean

Everyday I wake up and thank god for waking me
to fight this disease off from killing me
I know it will not win or be defeating me
but its so hard to stay strong very easily

The poem wasn't meant to upset but help comfort me
to get it down on paper and out of me
if i upset anyone of my friends or family
I'm sorry i know you are all standing right beside of me


To everyone honestly i love and know you are ALL there for me this was wrote because of this disease makes you feel isolated and alone at times. I know I'm not alone and for that i will forever be thankful to God for delivering all of you into my life. love and peace I love you all very much-T


  1. No one can truly know what you are going through or know what you are feeling unless they are living your life. God has a plan for us and sometimes I wonder why he just couldn't reveal it to us. Nothing is ever really simple or easy and certainly without trials and tribulations. Be strong of mind and heart and give life all you can. Love and Laugh as much as you can.Peace and blessings!~Ames

  2. I feel your pain in this writing. Watching my daughter struggle with trying to find a sense of community other than the one she found in jail makes me admire the courage and grace it takes to change a life.

    Sending you a prayer that you find a path of peace in your struggle.

    I really hope the writing helps rid your heart of the pain.

  3. Rats. My comments here and earlier are gone AND somehow your D post is missing now, too. If you can somehow repost it, I will fix your link.