Friday, May 6, 2011

Me Myself and I part 2

Oh no my dear readers the first one was not the end, of what make me me
the title alone suggest more than one part, at the very least parts two and three
so hang on tight my fellow bloggers, and get ready for part two of I myself and me.

I said when this whole escapade began to be prepaid for a wild and bumpy ride
through twist and turns and wicked things that may leavee the meek behind.
I've not been around the block,i've ran marathons around it and back again
So when you hear the real story of of a man, please don't judge him by what had to happen.

I left the military through no fault of my own, some gangbanger coward shot me in the back
 while trying to "earn his bones"
I hold out no resentment other to not finish what was started, and thank god everyday thats not the way I parted.

I came home to a welcome of pregnant wife and no job of which to speak
so after leaving their house at 16 I begged my parents for a reprieve
to let us stay there until iat least got back on my feet
I found two nothing jobs and was out in just three weeks

The 1st year was hard for both of us, now I do admit, I was working three jobs
and she sat alone with baby,no getting out just it.
We struggled through almost 7 years of marriage
two more sons and the weight became to much for the carriage.

I would like to push away all the blame on her,but I married once again
and that one eneded faster than the 1st, I guess in that game I just can't win.
I have a new love in my life who've I feel who knows the real me
and I'm happy with the way things are, me loving her, her loving me

So you see I'm not just a soldier, but a willing father,and loving man
who's got many more parts about myself and slowly i'll let them out when I can
but for now dear readers, this is all I dare put into the wind.

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  1. Sounds like you are living the life fate has dealt you. But I am a firm believer that life is what you make it. So take heart, go and make your life what you want it to be. Blessings!~Ames