Wednesday, May 18, 2011

E is for estatic

Jenny Matlock

E is for ecstatic,emphatic,excitement at new paths in my life
that have come to pass after going through such long periods of strife.
I find myself at another crossroads again
wondering if the one I choose will loose or win.

I choose my path and began to walk it proudly
and I scream for joy and do it loudly.
to be back to doing the thing that I love
is a gift I can only thank for the man above.

hopefully this will all work out as it should
I'll give it my all to make sure that it would.
for this is what I know and  I cannot think
of me doing anything in this world but slinging ink.

so with a cherubic grin plastered across my face
I smile widely as i move about the place.
for this shop is now my new place to enjoy my job
until the workday's done I'm just another working class slob


  1. I am glad you are that happy!~Ames

  2. It's nice to see ya back in the grind so that you aren't stuck in stir crazy mode:-)

  3. Good luck with your new path. I hope you like where it takes you!


  4. Great ‘E’ post - good luck too!
    Have a great weekend ahead & look forward to *seeing* you again next time,


    Btw Alphabe-Thursday

  5. Looking forward to going to work every day is a wonderful feeling. You are one lucky guy!

  6. Yippee!

    Here's to great success in your new venture..

  7. Congrats on your new job! I hope you ENJOY it!

  8. Congratulations! This is actually a really exciting post! Change can feel so frightening, but I bet you are really going to shine with this!

    Thanks for a really excellent link.